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Nolva Thruout Cycle, Instead of Post


Has anyone ever tried anything like this?

Week Dianabol (5mg) Nolvadex (20mg)
1 3 1
2 5 1
3 8 1
4 10 1
5 10 1
6 8 1
7 5 1
8 3 1

I found this cycle browsing a website, and was curious if anyone had ever done a cycle in this way here. Would using Nolva throughout the cycle (regardless of gyno) and foregoing the PCT work at all?

I've often seen Nolva suggested for gyno throughout the cycle IF symptoms show, but never seen it suggested in such a way as here.

Lot of stupid questions in there that just boil down to "Will this work?"

Edit: Lets see if it works this time.

My questions are in regards specifically to the way Nolva is being used. NOT ABOUT THE DBOL OR THE OVERALL CYCLE.


I don't even do AAS and I know that cycle is retarded... Nolvadex is used in pct to stimulate the HPTA to start up again not just to prevent gyno, also, that is a dbol only cycle. Do you even know how to read? Go to the newbie threads. One more thing, put on a flame retardant suit, you will need it


I saw cycles outlined like that also..I wouldn't do it though..Nolva is a class 1 carcinogen. I wouldn't run it for that long...I could be wrong though....


so you found a site outlining a d-bol only cycle eh? hmm nice going. and not only that but 8 weeks of d-bol AND a pyramiding dose. id definitely listen to whats posted there.

But aside from that yes many have run nolva throughout their cycles. It just doesnt make much sense to when you can get substances like arimidex which will inhibit the compound from aromatizing all together. Personally i like Nolva PCT but many are leaning toward the stasis test taper and nolva is quickly becoming a thing of the past here at T-Nation


Let me make it clear I am in no way considering running this cycle. I had never seen Nolva prescribed in the manner it was here (except to fight gyno), especially with no post cycle use and was wondering if anyone had any experience running it in this manner, and if so if there was a chance in hell of it working.

I edited the OP to try and reflect this right after making the threaed, as well as put up a picture so the format of the cycle wasnt fucked, but that appears to not have worked.


I know this, and I made mention of all that in an edit but that appears to not have gone through as so often happens on these forums.

Nuance is fucking lost on you. Where did I say this cycle was good? Where did I say I was considering it? OR any cycle for that matter? Where was my question even regarding the dbol? I was asking if running nolva for that long instead of as post was even able to work, let alone be the best choice, or why you would do it other than to fight gyno during the cycle.

For fucks sake people, read whats written.


For reasons other than to fight gyno when the sides appear?


For prevention i guess


Ya - i used to run proviron and nolvadex throughout dbol cycles to prevent gyno - better to prevent than cure - and before Adex/letro (when adex really used to cost twice the cost of a cycle) it was the best one could get! Nolva is a blocker of sorts and prov is an inhibitor of sorts so they are both mild but both work in different actions. it works for small - mod dosages.

OP, what exactly do you think the nolva was included for, you seem to be hinting at it not being run for gyno as it is continuous..



I assumed to fight Gyno, but I had never seen it run before sides began to show, always as an on-hand type thing. I was "hinting" at the lack of anything post cycle in the cycle i posted above, that it was included as a way to avoid the PCT somehow.

Even in cycles ive seen where nolva was thrown in I've always seen it followed with a PCT, I was just curious if anyone perceived that to be overkill, that running the nolva through the whole cycle was possibly enough? I assume the cycle I posted was just retarded, but figured worth asking anyway.


The no inclusion is a bad move - i dont know what context the cycle above was written, if the designer assumed you would run your own PCT or if he didnt think it needed one - some never use PCT.

I and the majority here (read all) will never advocate a cycle with no form of PCT. It is stoopid.
That cycle is shit by the way, where did you find it?


This was a cycle for sale, came as one package. With the exact # of nolva pills to run what is written, no more.

I was browsing a website, clicked their "cycles/kits" category to see what kind of things they had for sale. This was the very first one, cycle Beginner A. I know it is a terrible cycle, I am in no way considering running it or ANY cycle for many years. I saw it was Dbol only, I almost stopped reading there, but I saw the way the Nolva was administered and figured I'd see if anyone had any knowledge or why/experience doing so.


It is just being added as a cheap anti E and they have made a VERY limp effort at making a cycle that one could buy with a limited amount of product TBH. That is the only thing going on here - no special dosing technique so PCT isnt necessary i'm afraid. It would still be necessary - i guess the thinking behind it is the Dbol is tapered, so no standard PCT is needed - just see how that works out. (This cycle is virtually identical to my first cycle ever! Except it was 6 weeks, a lower DBol dose and there was no nolvadex!! haha!)

It is a cycle designed by someone who doesnt care a great deal about AAS or the person who may do that cycle.

Find a different supplier too - it shows just how much they a) Know and b) Care.



Thank you. About what you expect from a $160 cycle.


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When i did a Dbol only cycle, i started to postulate, but the doc gave me something to clear that right up in no time...



Isn't part of the gains made from aromatizing compounds (such as dbol) from the increased estrogen? I am not sure if it's just the increased water retention contributing to a strength increase while on cycle, or if it also has some other benefits (increased IGF??).

In that case running nolva to block gyno might be better than adex which prevents estrogen buildup. Nolva doesn't hinder estrogen buildup, right? Just blocks some of the receptors (in breast tissue and a few others...)

Or is estrogen buildup always BAD? I realize most don't want to look like the michelin man, but say one was after maximum gains in muscle and strength and didn't care if one looked bloated?