Nolva/Tamox question

I have a friend (20 years old, 4 years lifting exp, 6’1" ~230lbs) who just got done with a Superdrol cycle (20/20/30/30) (not sure why he did 4 weeks instead of just 3), went from 210lbs-230lbs. He didn’t have any sides besides lower back pumps and some fatigue, so overall a pretty good cycle.

He’s doing liquid nolva for a pct (40/20/20/20).

He’s had gyno for most of his life. He’ll have some nolva left over after this regular PCT.

My question is as follows: If he took the rest of his nolva (20mg a day), would it work to counteract some of his gyno? or does nolva only work on gyno in its infancy (as a side)?

It blocks ongoing estrogenic aggravation.

Where there is no ongoing estrogenic aggravation, there is little ongoing effect of Nolvadex against gyno, and no lasting effect.

In other words, if he has no ongoing estrogenic issue, then a course of Nolvadex may have a small effect while he is actually taking it (it also may not) but on discontinuing it his situation will be no different than had he not done it.

So essentially, even if his gyno is being caused by hormone problems (probably isn’t?), the nolva would only counteract it while he’s taking it? (i.e. no lasting effect on the gyno?)