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Nolva Powder

Is it possible to verify if what I bought is actually nolva ? (short of having it tested professionally)

Outside of having laboratory equipment to run some tests, no. You’d have to send it away. The powder should be white and fluffy, not grainy at all. You could always take it and see if it works.

Take 40-80mg/day for a couple days. You should get some hot flashes or a fast boost in sex drive (depending on what else you’re taking). That’s all I can think of anyway. I would post some pictures of my nolva powder for reference, but I doubt it would be much use as you wouldn’t be able to judge much from a picture.

thats pretty much what I figured
I’ll try 40mg a day for a few and see what happens


I posted this in another thread with a similar question:

I also forgot to mention that if you need to figure out if it’s really nolva use a melting point test. It’s not foolproof but if the melting point test looks good you’re probably okay.

Tamoxifen Citrate - 2-[4-1,2-Diphenyl-1-Butenyl)

melting point= 143-146C

molecular weight= 563.65

To test melting point (MP) there are a variety of ways. I’ll outline my personal favourite but others may have different suggestions.

Compound to be tested
Aluminium foil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Thermometer accurate to ~200 C in ~1 degree incriments, preferably not one that requires total immersion for accuracy

Fill the small pot with the olive oil
Make little boats out of the aluminum foil ~1cm x 1cm
Put a small amount of the substance to be tested in the boat
Hold or suspend the bottom end of the thermometer in the liquid, do not let it touch the pot
Start the oil heating by turning on the stove
Watch the product until it starts to melt and note the temperature on the thermometer.

The slower you bring up the heat the more accurate the results will be.
Letting the thermometer touch the pot will give you a falsely high reading and thus a meaningless test.
I like using extra virgin olive oil because of the high smoke point. . . you don’t want your oil smoking while you try to watch a little aluminium boat with powder in it.


I never thought about doing a smoke point test like this. I’ll have to keep it in mind. I’d imagine a pretty good amount of oil would be needed, which seems pretty expensive. But ingenious nonetheless.

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It’s not really that tough to do and get a fairly accurate result.

Keep in mind you have to trust your powder provider, but having worked in a warehouse I understand how stuff can get mislabled and shipped.

The melting point test is really to reaffirm that stuff is what I think it is, if the test comes back close then great (for reference it’s always come back withing 2 degrees of predicted) if it was 50 degrees off then I’d know that I don’t have what I think I have and wouldn’t use it.

It’s just another tool.

Oh, it’s not pricey. It costs me about $5 for a bottle of olive oil and I can re-use that a number of times.