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Nolva PCT

For PCT following M1T, would Nolvadex alone be enough? Thanks for your help - Alpha

Nolvadex is all i use for PCT and i use things that are a little heavier than M1T. The PCT i follow is 2 weeks of 40mg nolvadex daily, followed by 2 more weeks of 20mg nolvadex daily. Likely, you wont need all of that. Perhaps 1 week of 40mg/day followed by 1-2 weeks of 20mg day or some other modification of this protocol will work quite well for you. Nolvadex is very effective, even more so than clomid.

that is the same protocol that I used with Nolva after M1T

Nolva should do you just fine.

I have been using both clomid @ 50mg ED and Nolva @ 20mg ED along with Alpha Male and I am rebounding great.

I also took Armidex a few days prior to ending the cycle and first 3 days after.

Oh yea, also I am taking M, 3 caps a day.

So I guess I just knocked the hell out of the old estrogen and boosted those boys back. I have the stuff on hand so I figured I might as well use it. LOL

It seems to be working great though. I was supressed pretty good after the cycle and have come back quite well. I am keeping all strength and size gains, and actually have been increasing weights consistantly in the Gym.