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Nolva PCT for Hdrol


Guys, this is my first time here in several years. I've been lifting, just not on here.

Anwyays, I'm looking into my first PH cycle, Hdrol for 5 weeks at 50/50/75/75/75.
I'm just debating on PCT what to use. I pretty sure I want to try and get Nolva as I want to take the safe route and read a lot about somewhere else. If I can track down some Nolva, what dose would you do and how long?

Thanks bros, and I'm happy to be back.


Read the SERM/AI and PH sticky please.


Hdrol is underdosed for too short a period from what I have read.

75-100mg seems to be the optimal dosing for most.

6 weeks seems to be a sweet spot for duration also.

As for the PCT - go with the nolvadex at 40/40/20/20. Optional to add in/follow up with some herbal T/libido boosters such as TRIBEX/Alpha Male/etc. Avoid products that feature AI's such as ATD.

Also make sure you run necessary ancillaries whilst on cycle, in pct and possibly even a week before the cycle begins.

CEL cycle assist whilst on cycle and a cheaper liver specific support supp during the nolva PCT. Could even extend this to 1-2 weeks before cycle and as long as you fancy after.


I apologize for asking if I'm not allowed, but are we allowed to ask for sources for Nolva on this site? I have a couple but not sure if you guys could verify?
I think I'm going to try to run Nolva 20/20/10/10, and run Cycle Assist throughout cycle for support.