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Nolva PCT Advice Wanted


Just finished 10wks test e, 400mg wk, first cycle.
got 30ml bottle of nolva on the way and through the research i did 1 cc a day for three wks should be enough... let me know if you know different. i was told to start two wks after my last pin, run it for three wks.

dealer told me to shoot nolva into a drink and drink it, i said yea right, fuck you, and he seemed pretty serious that putting nolva in a drink and chugging the nasty ass drink was the way to do it.. he said it would be nasty but had no real reason as to why i drink not pin it... bullshit?

i appreciate any guidance



jesus christ



READ! Kthxbye. I second what Bonez said as well. Which was, "DO NOT INJECT NOLVADEX."


solid... 1cc a day for 3wks sound right?


milligrams please. No one can read your mind and know how concentrated your product is.

And simply out of priciple I will not tell you how to set up a standard SERM PCT because it has been covered over 200 times in the past 12 months


What does the link say?


i appreciate the link and the huge tits in your pic... i'm read'n it now