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Nolva or Letro to Reduce Gyno?

Hey everyone I’m curious if using nolva or letro will help reduce my gyno. Could I make a full cycle on test e while trying to do so?
Had gyno for a few years now and never noticed it somehow. it happened naturally overtime so yeah… lol it’s in-between mild-moderate

did you even try to find the answer to your question before you asked it?

Nolva may not be effective if your E2 levels remain high. Letro may be overkill. I found aromasin to be too strong as well but great for getting levels down. Anastrozole seems to be the best maintenance choice for me but its important to keep E2 levels in a healthy range (not crashed and not high). When my levels crash on aromasin I get increased acne and if levels go too high my left nipple gets sore. These are biofeedback ways that I adjust dosing between labs.

yeah mate just wanna hear some more on the topic

then you should read more. that info is readily available via the search bar. stop wasting peoples time by asking questions that are asked here, and answered, several times every single week.

Letro would be much more effective for reducing gyno, but you should know the side effects can be pretty drastic. Your sex drive will be gone for starters. I notice no side effects on Nolvadex. Long story short, letro crashes estrogen in the body, and Nolvadex works at the receptor where gyno is “created” to block estro from attaching. Both work, but letro is more effective. I would start with nolva, and if it doesn’t shrink, go to letrozole.

Yeah I’ve seen most people mention letro as being fairly effective. I was just thinking would it be better to run a low dose of test prop or something to kind of counter act some of the harsh effects of letro and taper off the (test / letro) with nolva.

calm down mateyyy the only thing you’ve done here is waste your own time. 2 people were perfectly happy to give me a response. I guess questions aren’t allowed on forums then… I’m so sorry… i truly am… what can I do to ease the butt hurt?