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Nolva on Low Dose Cycle Necessary?


Whats up fellas?

Gonna do my first cycle. I got 10 250mg ampulles of test e, 60 x 10mg Nolva, and enough clomid for pct. All stuff is from pharmacy.

Im gonna inject 125mg of test 2 times a week, subQ.
I plan to use the nolva from the beginning till the end of PCT. Do you think that 10mg of Nolva every 2 days is enough with such a low dose of test? Some say I dont even need it at all, some say I need 20mg a day… any opinions?


Nolvadex and clomid are SERMs. They are typically used for PCT. There are certain situations where using them on cycle is necessary but that is usually due to certain compounds being used.

The preferred method is to use an AI (aromatase inhibitor) on cycle. That way instead of just keeping estrogen from causing gyno you will be controlling the estrogen. High estrogen can cause water retention, high blood pressure and libido issues to just name a few.

The main three AIs are arimidex, aromasin and femara. Femara is heavy duty so stay away from it unless it is necessary. I would try to find arimidex or aromasin for your on cycle estrogen control and save the Nolvadex for PCT.

You stated 60 ten mg tablets of Nolvadex. A typical PCT dosage would be 40 mgs a day for two weeks then 20 mgs a day for two weeks. With what you have you could use it with a lower dose of Clomid and have a productive PCT.


There’s nothing wrong with taking SERMs on cycle, especially with as low a dose as you are proposing. 250/week is not far above TRT dose. You will probably see some benefit, but it won’t be mind-blowing. An AI is not really necessary at that low of a dose, unless you are one of those who convert to estrogen at a ridiculously high rate (very small group of people). If I understood the idea correctly, taking the SERM will allow your body to keep some estrogen in the system without allowing it to be active at the receptors - you need some estrogen anyway, and it is very easy to crash your e2 with AI use.


Thanks für your suggestions guys.
Its hard to get an AI here in germany and I dont think it would be necessary with this moderate cycle. Maybe I just start without any SERM or AI and just take it when I feel some itching nipples


I would have an AI on-hand in case you feel sides and not wait until you start having side effects to then try to find an AI; especially if you claim they are hard to find in the first place.
Normally I would agree with you with respect to an AI not being required for dosages this low (why you’ve chosen to run a dose this low is still unclear) but since this is your first cycle you have no idea how your body is going to react to the introduction of the Test.
Be smart(er).


I’ll echo what Yubs said. Have an AI on hand. I take 200mg test c for my TRT and I need 1.5mg arimidex a week to keep my e2 within 30-34. If you’re like most people you won’t need it. If you’re like me you’ll absolutely need it. The catch is that you won’t know until you’re in the midst of it. You don’t want to be scrambling to find a hard-to-get drug while your e2 is high. You’ll feel like Hell and it’ll screw up your cycle. I don’t know if you Germans have a version of our Boy Scouts, but take their motto to heart: always be prepared.

Best of luck, man.