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Nolva Mono Therapy Anyone?


I have a couple posts here, doc prescribing 10MG Nolva daily for two months. Just curious if anyone else is on this therapy… my guess is he wants to try this than maybe go to injections?

Seems Nolva can cause eye issues and its tough on the liver so fattly liver disease is a possibility. Bit nervous on that as I like to have a beer here and there. I get nervous taking these meds now in fear what they could do to me.

I am secondary hypogonadal. I have a couple threads here trying to find the best option.

He is a top mens health doc in this state. Multiple research papers.


Go for it as a restart option. Not long term use!


That is a low dose. You have to remember that side effects from clinical studies come from females, frequently overweight, probably with decades of oral birth control, with estrogen positive cancers who may also be subject to chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries and associated drugs, aromatase inhibitors. If you have any issues, you stop. Your routine labs should screen for some liver issues via AST/ALT.

If a patient has a heart attack during a clinical trial, they have to list heart attack, if the break a leg skiing, they list bone fracture, if they have a divorce and she gets depressed, they have to list depression. The try to screen out candidates with health issues, but shit still happens.