Nolva/Letro on Cycle Hinder Gains?

hey guys,
a few q’s on some discussions ive read on other sites about nolva and letro.

Currently thinking about taking a cycle of test cyp. to bulk, Prolly 350mg/wk. I kno test is an aggressive aromatizer, so to avoid sides (mainly gyno), i am thinking of going with .25-.5 of letro. or 20mg Nolva if Letro is not readily avaliable, on cycle and using hcg and clomid for pct. However, i have read that Letro and Nolva on cycle, can hinder gains. Any suggestions?

Well it can certainly hinder water retention which actually leads to more gains. Wait for a pro to answer but my 2 cents is to wait until you need it, ie: Gyno etc on cycle. However when the cycle is over, use it like clockwork. I would say go with Nolva 20mg first day and 10mg ED thereafter. Nolva is easier to find and less expensive.

[quote]B101 wrote:
using hcg and clomid for pct. [/quote]

Why would you want to use HCG AFTER your cycle this doesnt make any sense? I would you it while on to maintain testicular size and make recovery that much easier. Also you may want to try some arimidex while your on cycle instead of letro. Plus your only going to shoot 350mg a week? i highly doubt you need anything to combat bloat of gyno with that kind of dose unless you know your prone to certain sides

letro should be saved only for combating gyno and it’s symptoms IMO. use a-dex or a-sin while on cycle. an AI is better used while on as opposed to a SERM like nolvadex. keeping estrogen in the normal range is key while on, but by not using an AI you run the risk of elevated E sides, and more importantly, rebound during PCT, making your recovery more difficult than it has to be. that being said…350 mg/week requires a small dose of an AI, or none at all. use the HCG during cycle as mentioned above, or get rid of it altogether.