Nolva Increasing Estrogen?

Im taking Nolva(20mg) a day, and it feels like my estrogen is increasing(water retention). I have slight gyno, and trying to get rid of it. Nolva has worked before for me, but I dont remember if I needed to add an additional AI. Im on 120mg a week test cypionate broke up 2x a week. So is adding anastrazole while on Tamoxiifen common?

Nope not happening. Did you run any labs? Nolva blocks tissue receptors not the aromatase. It’s rare to need an AI on that dose but not unheard of.

I’ve only been on it for a week, so no labs yet. I will probably go for labs in 2 weeks as things level out, so I can get a more accurate reading. I’ll just stick with the Nolva only for now.