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Nolva In the Fridge


I put my Nolva in the fridge to keep it cold, but the fridge got a little too cold. Now, it looks cloudy with particles in it. So, what do you think - pitch it or keep it? Use it as is, or try to re-heat and use it? On that note - any easy ways to heat and mix it?


It's fine, it just crashed out of solution as the solubility of the nolva dropped when the temperature did.

You can either just shake and dose or re-heat and get it back in solution.

If you need to reheat set a pot of water on the stove, put a dish rag on the bottom and set the vial on the rag. Then turn the temp up but try not to boil it.



I'll just shake it and use it. Thanks.


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Even better. Thanks bushy.