Nolva for PCT on Deca Test Cycle?

I’ve heard many different things about using deca and nolva together. Is it ok to use nolva as a pct after cycle? does it cause prolactin and progesterone issues?

nolva is very essential for PCT , i have no idea about using nolva during cycle , i have seen people using armidex during cycle instead of nolva , for PCT if you are running cycle more than 8 weeks then HCG is necessary from my observation

I know that deca surpresses natural test significantly, hence the testosterone added to the cycle, my concerns are the “supposed” effects that come from using tamoxifen with a 19 nor steroid. I also know to stop the deca durabolin at 10 weeks and run the test for 12. A lot of people say that clomid/nolva should be combined for this cycle? Anyone have any input?

It is a SERM why would it be better if combined with Clomid as opposed to by itself? What is the problem with running it with a 19 NOR?

And an even better question–if that is not ideal for PCT, what would be? Just no PCT at all? lol