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Nolva for Gyno Prevention?


ok long story short. I came off of a cycle of test c at 400 mg a week for 10 weeks and 30 mg of d-bol that I did for 3 weeks. I got great results and strength gains. Here was my problem I got my info from a workout buddy of mine who is way more experienced than I when it came to the gear game, this was my first cycle. Well I followed his advice about the whole thing.

I had done some reading and I was worried about gyno but he told me that I didn't need anything for that and he has done gear for years never had any problems and always quit cold turkey with no PCT. So I figured he knew alot more than me so I listened to his advice. Problem was I did get gyno and then had no idea or anyway to get the correct medication to help me.

This next time I'm going to do this shit right with some gyno prevention medications and a PCT. My question is I know Nolva will not get rid of gyno once you have it, but does it work to prevent gyno during your cycle effectively??? I'm also going to try and get my hands on some clomid for PCT, how does it work?? Thanks guys I'm looking forward to your educated responses. That's a luxury I wish I had my first time around.


Read the gyno sticky and the SERM/AI sticky.


I have bro. I was just seeking some personal accounts of people who have had a problem with gyno that have had results by using nolva. I've really been reading alot. I'm no stranger to the iron game, just the gear game.


You ran no estrogen support on cycle (AI or SERM

You ran two highly estrogen prone compounds (test and dbol)

The only worst thing you could have run would have been drol and test.

You had NO PCT, even after running for 10 weeks.

You then experienced massive estrogen rebound, very low testosterone rates, and gyno from the e rebound or from aromatization on cycle or a combination of the two.

You pretty much did EVERYTHING wrong you possibly could have.

Nolva on cycle for gyno prevention is archaic, we use AI's now.

You clearly did not read the threads, if you did you would see that drug therapy is more or less ineffective against set in gyno.

If the gyno is new, less than a year old or so, you can combat it with nolva, and if need be letro.

Nolva is not very effective at gyno reduction compared to what we use now a days, torefemine is the most effective SERM for this purpose.

The AI letro is the most potent gyno killer and will probably be able to wipe out your gyno.

Read the sample/beginner cycle thread.

It outlines AI dosages on cycle, and proper PCTs.

Also Clomid is oldschool its rarely used, Nolva works by the same mechanism at dramatically lower doses and therefore less side effects.

And Torefemine is the best SERM available for restarting test production, it takes only a few days for it to rebound you.

Read the stickies.


You're speaking about AAS cycles only, right? What I've discussed with you (M-Drol with Nolva PCT) is still the best route to take to prevent gyno from ever starting, right? From what I've read, AI's are for AAS cycles typically.


M-drol is a superdrol clone which is a methylated form of masteron.

It can not armomathize, and hence there is little danger of it causing gyno on cycle.

The only thing to fear would be estrogen rebound when you come off, hence the use of an SERM for PCT.

The SERM will also be the main aid in restarting test production, so it has a two fold effect.

He ran dbol and test, both of which heavily aromathize.

You do not need an AI for most modern Prohormones and even ones that could aromathize like 4ad would still not require an AI as they do not produce enough test to cause significant estrogen conversion, and it is massive overkill as running an AI with only normal ammounts of test and estrogen from your natural production, will tank your estrogen and cause health issues, and a complete loss of sex drive.


Don't be fooled into thinking that M-drol is not an anabolic androgenic steroid. It is. There are plenty of other steroids that don't aromatize as well.


So if the only two drug I can get are Nolva and Clomid what are my options for gyno prevention


If you can get Nolva you can get Arimidex or Letrozole.


So what you're saying is that Nolva is completly useless for gyno prevention.


I most certainly am not. Aromatase inhibitors (Arimidex and Letrozole) prevent Testosterone from converting to estrogen (to an extent). A SERM (Nolvadex) will prevent the estrogen from binding to the estrogen receptors in the mammary glands. Two completely different functions.

Please read the sticky.


Guys I have read the stickies I'm just not as familiar with it as you guys are. Please bear with me. I've read so much conflicting information I don't know what to do anymore.

I have access to Nolva I do not have access to arimidex. So bottom line if I take Nolva during my cycle this should be enough to prevent gyno? Yes or No.


Hey man it all really depends on preference and which drugs you are taking.

If you run anything that aromatizes (an enzyme (aromatase) that converts a hormone like test to estradiol (estrogen) then I would run an AI aka Aromatase Inhibitor.

Does it make sense to stop any conversion of T to E before any problems arise.

Nolvadex is a SERM which is completely different. Google or search SERM and you will learn what it is.

I would only use SERMs as part of pct with one exception of running highly aromatizing drugs with Drol. I may be inclined to run letro AND nolva during that cycle.

AI during...Serm pct with taper.




Thank You!!


When the nips starting looking funny but not feeling so, I took 60mg of Nolva on the spot. I tapered down to 40mg the next day and did that for a week and half until the nips looked fine. Either through the additional cardio fat/water was lost or the SERM doing its magic I really don't know but I don't care. I handled it.

I should have probably started the AI earlier but I don't do should have or could haves. I didn't. Nuff said. Right now, I'm just pinning my test and running my AI. No problems at all, leaned out a bit though. Which goes to prove the might and unrelenting power of the insepid juggernaut we all know and love: Arimidex.


I found a substance called arimiplex is that the same thing as arimdex. It seems like it does the same thing but the spelling is different.


That brand likes their 'X's don't they?


Do a google search on chemical research labs & Adex. I haven't heard of Arimiplex.


arimiplex is supposed to be adex, but who knows.

Its sold by an online steroid supplier that advertises on a board.

I couldn't say whether or not the site itself is legit but the compound is supposed to be adex.


Used the site, not the drug.

Site was sound. Number of occasions. :slight_smile: