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Nolva Dosing

need some help regarding dosing of nolvadex. I’m 21 and did my first pro hormone cycle of havoc. finishing up next week! all going good. i have 20 tabs of 20mg nolva and I’m wondering how people would recommend dosage, do 20mg for 20 days or 20 mg for 14 days and 10 mg for 14? would it make much of a difference?
all help appreciated thanks

Havoc is the prohormone mimic of anadrol which is mostly used for bulking. A dose of 10mg of Nolva will do very little in effectively blocking estrogen and upregulating LH. I would suggest taking 20mg for 20 days. If you stack a natural test booster such as tribulus and creatine to hold onto the water weight it would help solidify your gains as well.

thanks! would people agree? i have creatine, and a product with tribulus maca root and hgw as well as bcaas and also oxy elite pro as I’m cutting atm