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Nolva/Clomid United-Pharmacies

Ok guys I gotta buy some PCT and would like to know if www.united-pharmacies.com is really legit??
Anyone ordered from them yet?

First off, I don’t know about PCT and ancillaries but generally we don’t post sources on here. Secondly, your 21 years old, 5’8, and 155 lbs. Your body fat is low but what the hell are you using steroids for? YOU WAY 155 lbs! They will hardly even work for you… You should weigh at least 15 if not 25 pounds more before you jump on the sauce…

to mike: if you dont know then shut up and keep quiet. hes 21 and can make his own decisions.

to op: the website is 100% legit, but the shipping is brutal. takes like 16 days or so to get in. but for the price their selling it for, its so worth it. some advice would be order in bulk because of how cheap it is. you can never have to many anti-e’s when juicing. whats ur cycle plan?

I’ve ordered from this source a number of times. From my personal experience, the shipping doesn’t take quite that long. Mine averaged about 8 or 9 days. Completely legitimate, and I’ve never questioned the quality and authenticity of the products. Basically, I can’t say I have anything negative to say about them.

It is uninformed, reckless use by dumbasses that give steroids a negative stigma. Now go do curls in the squat rack…

I don’t see any nolva or clomid on their website.

funny thing, yesterday when I searched for nolva and clomid, they had these in stock but today they don’t have anything, it doesn’t even show the product anymore.