Nolva / Clomid PCT

Hey everyone im just about to finish my first cycle (8 weeks test C) results were great! 15lbs, bf remained pretty much the same. I have nolva and was going to run 40/40/20/20 however im now considering adding in clomid at 50/50/25/25 and running them together. Opinions on this?

Was planning on doing 10 weeks but I have a military drug test coming up, also have a tendon injury… yeah, need to figure that one out.

Test C and E have about a three month detection time ay, They never tested us for steroids in the military (IDF) only drugs. Your pct wont make you cleaner quicker? I only use Nolva and it works, clomid has alot of side effects but low dose should be ok,

They most likely won’t but I’m not going to take any chances, my pct question is for pct nothing else. I’m still thinking about using both at the dose I mentioned… can’t see the harm

I’m also in and there are plenty of guys in my company that do roids. Do not stress it. Your good man

Im joining the Australian army mate so it could be different

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