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Nolva Being Old School/Outdated PCT?

I wanna say this is only something I’ve recently READ AND HEARD. I’m just asking for advice or if anybody had ever used this method for pct. Recently on video blog this guy was saying that nolvadex/chlomid pct is old school and outdated… (yes it does work but it takes quite a while to get back to your natural production). He was saying their is a faster way to pct and getting back to baseline levels using .05 arimidex 2x a week with I believe 1,000iu of hcg and it cuts your pct time In half? Any feedback.

I have a hard time understanding the science of how that would work. HCG is very good at helping raise LH, which is of course important in the production of testosterone. But what HCG doesn’t do in the same way a SERM does is reignite the HPTA. There’s more to an HPTA restart than just LH. A SERM will signal your pituitary to start producing GnRH, which is upstream of LH (it actually acts as a signal to release LH). So while HCG will certainly help with testosterone deficiency it will not restart the process of long term production because it’s merely replacing your natural system that signals the release of LH.

As for taking arimidex during such a program… I don’t know why anyone would do that. It won’t stop aromatizarion from the HCG, and if you’re getting back to a normal state of testosterone and e2 then why would you need to push said e2 down to rock bottom?

Nolva is insanely effective as a pct drug. In fact, 40mg of Nolva is as effective as 150mg of clomid for patients with hypogonadism. So why reinvent the wheel?


LOL. No. He is off there. The HCG kicks in the testicular function, but messes with the HPTA loop, effectively continuing to suppress LH function. Using Arimidex to stimulate LH has been done in studies, but it usually has too many negatives. There is ONE guy on here that posted about using just Arimidex for a restart and had success.

Yea I’m learning more and more as I go… makes sense. Gonna stick to nolva. Start pct in 3 weeks… 40mg ever day first 3weeks . 20 mg ed next 3 . Probably some other supplements to help with cortisol

You don’t even need that much. 40/40/20/20 is plenty.

You can use hcg during cycle. I did that way and I think it helps recovery

The best PCT is the stasis/taper method.