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Nolva and Raloxifene together?


Sorry for beating up dead horses on here. I just really value the advice of members here, and google search not finding what I want to know.

I'm almost two weeks past my last pin of TE 500mg/wk for 12 wks cycle. Currently running HCG at 1000iu per week, plan to start PCT at the three week mark from last pin.

I have been running Aromasin and Raloxifene for gyno for past three weeks or so, after having been on Letro previous to that for 4 weeks.

My question is this, the Ralox actually seems to be reducing my nip lumps (which were there already from previous bouts), so I don't really want to discontinue it.

However, Nolva is the preferred SERM for PCT. I was planning on switching over to the Nolva with the usual 40/40/20/20 protocol, alongside Aromasin at 10mg every day.

Can I continue taking the Ralox along with the Nolva or is it best advised not to? I only want to because of it's gyno reversal property which does seem to be really starting to do a good job.

Also Ralox seems to be the least side effects, with positive effects on bone density and lipid profile.

For that matter would the Ralox be sufficient on it's own (with Aromasin) for PCT?

Any input would be most appreciated. I'd really love to hear from Cyco on this one if you read this.


I’d use the ralox and the nolva together


[quote]Yogi wrote:
I’d use the ralox and the nolva together[/quote]

Awesome. Thanks Yogi.


Hey Yogi, thinking abut flipping the script here…lol

Went to order more Ralox, noticed Toremifene on sale… Read some reviews, decided to buy that too.

So now thinking Torem instead of Nolva. Ralox still good also?


well, i don’t have a good answer here… Ralox is the least effective SERM for PCT. the only times i’d suggest it, is if one were on hGH (Ralox does not lower IGF1 as much as the other SERMs) or if time was of the essence (Ralox has a half-life of about a day, vs a week for Tore, Nolva and Clomid).

so, as far as PCT, i’d go with Nolva or Tore. Nolva is a little more effective, but Tore seems to be safer(long term health), and works a bit longer (3 months vs Nolva’s 2 months).

i’m not a big fan of stacking SERMs, though. it seems like one is inviting a lot of side effects…

i think you’ve got a couple options:

Continue with Ralox/Aromasin for PCT.

Transition Ralox/Aromasin into your planned PCT with nolva or tore.

Or stop ralox for PCT, and then hop back on (if necessary) afterwards…