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Nolva and New Alpha Male in Thailand?

Hey guys,

My current cycle is planned to finish just before I head off to thailand for a few weeks holidaying on the beach. So I will need to be doing my PCT while I’m there.

Was just wondering how easy it is to get Nolva over there? I know most AAS you can get from any chemist. (probably would have been cheaper to get over there too… but I won’t have regular access to a gym)

Also will I be ok taking the new Alpha Male through customs with me???

I usually like to take Alpha Male & Carbolin 19 during my pct, to minimise losses & kick start my natural test production, so the new combo product seems perfect for me!! Just wanted to double check I’m not going to get arrested & thrown into a thai prison if I try and take some in with me!!!


If your going to pattaya it will be very easy, but some of the beach resorts might make it more difficult.

I would just buy some long estered test in country and make the cycle a littler longer.