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Nolva AND Clomid?


Hey guys, I'm being a douche and posting something something related to my last thread on PCT.

A guy on here gave me some great advice, but after reading damn near everything I can on PCT (Obviously not enough, hence this thread) I am in need of advice.

It seems a large amount of people suggest running both Clomid and Nolvadex during their PCT, however, the advice (and I dont want to seem like I dont appreciate the advice was given, I just want my dick to work) I was given was that I should run a nolva only (along with other things) PCT without clomid.

What are everyones thoughts on this? Should I run just the nolva, or add in the clomid as well?

Link to my last thread: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/hcgpct_is_it_too_late

Sorry I usually take time to write out these threads but I've been starring at my computer for 4 hours trying to figure this shit out and its getting to me.

Thanks ahead.


I combine nolva and clomid. I do 5 weeks of clomid, then in my third week of clomid I add in 20mg of nolva for 3 weeks.

I also start using stinging nettle extract at about the same time as the nolva.

My PCTs are the bomb


Thanks for the reply, Yogi. What dosages do you use? Im starting to lean more towards using the clomid as well...

Since I've been on for close to 6 months... I plan on extending my PCT to 12 weeks.


50mg clomid, 20mg nolva.

That's a long time to be on, man. You're going to need a pretty aggressive PCT.

If I were you I'd taper my test dosage down slowly, blasting some hCG as I was doing so. Taper your AI down too while you're doing that. The last week you inject test (which'd only be like 100mg that week) start the clomid at 50mg/day, so you're starting the clomid before the test clears completely.

Then you'll need at least another 4 weeks of clomid, but given how long you were on I'd probably do 5 or 6. After 3 weeks on the clomid add in the nolva at 20mg/day for at least 3 weeks.

Halfway through your PCT get some stinging nettle extract and take that at 250mg eod.

That should sort you out!


Yeah, I'm really hoping I can bounce back man... don't wanna fuck myself up permanently. I was on a TRT dose (about 150mg/wk) for about a month and then started this current cycle, which I've now been on for almost 2 months. I just dropped the Tren after tapering down (was on 600mg/wk for about 4 weeks) and have also been tapering down the test... (was at 800mg/wk) now at about 250, which i plan on dropping to 125 or 100 like you've recommended.

Since I think it is VERY important to get on the HCG right away (should be getting in about a week) I figured since I've been on for so long, why not run a trt dose for another 4 weeks while I use the hcg? So my pct would look like this

Week 1-4:
HcG - 500iu's EoD
test - 125mgs/wk
Arimidex - 1mg/day
Clomid - 50mg/day (week 4)

Week: 5-8
Clomid - 50mg/day
Arimidex - 1mg/day

Week 8-12:
Clomid - 50mgs/day
Nolva - 20mgs/day
Arimidex - 1mg/day

This is what I was thinking of doing... what do you think? Anything I can change here please, tell me. I know this is also a little longer than you recommended...


you don't need your adex dose to be anything like as high as that. 1mg/day would be for if you were running like a gram of test, not a TRT dose. Use it at .25mg eod while you're blasting the hCG, then stop it in week 5


FYI, A-dex decreases the blood levels of Nolvadex, so it's not gonna work for you like that.