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Noisy Neighbors, Rip em or Ignore them?


I live in an apartment on the second floor of a three-story building. the only thing that really bugs me about the place is that the people that live above me are kind of noisy. they used to run on their treadmill around 6am, which sounded either like robot sex or an unbalanced washer/dryer. I called the leasing office and cited the 9am-10pm quiet hours in the leasing agreement, and the early treadmill use stopped. on another night around 10-11pm, it sounded like they were moving stuff around their apartment, so I called that in and it pretty much stopped. however...

whenever they're home during the day and walking around, their footsteps are so freaking loud and heavy that I can hear it over my tv or music, and I can actually feel their footsteps vibrate through my floor. by comparison, the guy who lives below me says I'm so quiet he usually can't tell when I'm home.

sooo since I don't have a legal leg to stand on here, should I just go up there and talk to them about their loud-ass footsteps? I've been told to always have the leasing office handle complaints so the encounter doesn't turn into a confrontation but they can't really do anything here. am I just a crotchety old crab and should I ignore the noise? every time it happens I do get pretty annoyed.

fyi this is my first apartment. and as I type I just felt tremors go through my easy chair...


Do you know them at all?

If you plan on living there for a while, it's usually a good idea to be on good terms with your neighbours IME.


What if you civilly introduce yourself, explain the issue and see if you can gain some understanding? Stop being a tattle tell pussy and handle it.


Some places require 2nd floor and above tenants to have carpeting on their floors to cut down on the noise. I'd look into that first.


You might want to look into a new place when your lease is up. Who has been there longer, you or them?


Yes. Politely.


Sounds like your relationship with them has become passively adversarial. You sound kind of persnickety and probably shouldn't live in places where you have to tolerate others.

Talking to them would probably make it worse. I know that if you called the management on me a couple of times for doing regular activities, and I found something else to fuck with you, I would use it until you became a pain in the ass to the management and they refuse to renew your lease.


Are they fatties or are they just heavy-footed? If it's the former then no amount of soft treading is going to alleviate the noise. Even still - no one is going to tiptoe through their own home. Now if they're basically bouncing up and down on hardwood floors then that's another matter.

Personally if it were me and it was just a flat I would first chat to them and if it became apparent there was nothing they could do I would look for another flat - on the top floor. Moving is a total pain in the ass but not as much as noisy neighbors.

I used to live next to people whose call out the window to retrieve their kids for dinner was basically "EMILY, SCOTT YOUR FUCKING DINNERS READY GET FUCKIN UP HERE!"


I agree with this, if back when I lived in apartments some jackwad had called the landlord about me getting a run in before work, or moving stuff around, I would fuck with them relentlessly. I'd buy wooden clogs for house shoes. . .

Also are quiet hours a common thing for apartments in your area? Seems odd, would never sign a lease that required "quiet hours" or any other random restrictions.


I say get over it.

I have to sleep during the day so I can't complain to anyone about the noise, that's why I have ear plugs, but I have a new neighbor in the apt below who has a subwoofer and it gets right through my ear plugs. I basically asked him nicely about maybe not using the sw until after 3pm. Usually he does this for me and I put up with it when I'm awake.

You have to learn to live with people or move out to the country.


Quiet Enjoyment Covenant. Most leases have such a clause.


Huh, Thanks for the info, Quiet hours never seemed to be an issue when I rented. Good to know.


If friendly confrontation scares you and you like your apt., you could also ask management to move you to unit on the top floor.

When I lived in apartments I only lived on the top floor, I had your experience once. A friendly introduction was helpful but they had two kids who ran around like fucking animals so there was only so much they could do. After that, top floor only. If you don't have an elevator, groceries can be a bitch but worth it.

Most apts will let you move, you may have to pay a new deposit so they can get your old digs ready for someone else but it shouldn't be an issue, especially if you tell them you really love living there, want to re-lease but just can't see yourself doing it given the situation and would like to work something out...

Be an attractive client, not a tattle tell pussy.


That's why it sucks living on the bottom or second floor in a three story building.

Walking just sounds like stomping even when it isn't. It seems like everything is amplified when its coming from an above apartment. I live on the third floor and I visit the people under me sometimes while my gf is alone at my spot. When she walks it sounds like a bomb going off a but when you're with her you barely her a foot strike in my apartment.

The treadmill is excessive and they should have known but everything else..I. I don't theink they know about the loudness


Moving stuff around at 10 and walking with heavy feet: not big deals, I agree with you there. But if you running on a treadmill at 6 am causes a lot of noise, that's your issue, and you'd be the jackwad for not being considerate of the other people that live around you.

Also to the OP, I echo moving to the top floor. I've been in several apartments through college, and "heavy feet" is the rule, not the exception. I'm on the top floor now, and have had exactly zero issues in the year I've been here.


You called the landlord because they moved things around in their apartment?

The problem is you.


If you live in a building, noise is part of the bargain. That's why it's cheaper. If you want silence, go buy a house on ten acres of land. Get a gun though, you might have to shoot those damn birds making all that noise in the morning...

The problem is you. Get over it. And like someone said upthere, if I had a neighbor who constantly called the rental office on me, I'd go out of my way to find ways to fuck with him.

Apartments are noisy. If you don't like it, move.




The problem with the top floor is they get freaking hot in the summer.

Maybe find a roommate or two and rent a townhouse. Usually those are two levels that you guys get to yourselves.


Thankfully i'm an RA so i can politely tell them to shut up :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really necessary though unless the noise is extremely loud and/or it's during midterms/finals week. As AC said, apartments are noisy, so deal with it. Not a big deal