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Nog Wants Mir



Frank's been saying a lot of stupid shit and apparently Nog is as sick of it as I am.

I don't think Nog is coming anywhere near making excuses for a loss. He never said he would have won the fight had he been 100%. Many people (myself included) thought the guy was washed up. He looked absolutely terrible and a shell of his former self. Being in the hospital for 7 days followed immediately by a complete meniscus tear helps explain his performance. I doubt many people would have said he was washed up hand they known that. All he is saying is that he is not washed up.

I would watch Nog vs. Mir II. I was excited to see Mir vs. Kongo so we could see how Mir's striking has progressed. I think we probably get the same thing if he faces Nog. I don't think there is any doubt that they stand and trade. I say do it. Duffe is looking for another fight soon. Put him in against Kongo.


More from Mir



Frank cutting down Nog's performance against Randy.

So Nog can't make excuses for his performance against Mir, but Mir can make excuses for his win against Randy.

I love watching Mir fight but he really is a dick.



dhickey I'm right there with you! I like watching mir fight, but he's a real f'n prick! I too believed nog might have been washed, but he came back and showed me he's got plenty more fight left in him, and that he's got the same iron chin he used to. Mir vs. Nog 2? FUCK YES!


i wanna see mir vs anderson silva.. that would just be awesome.. mir is cocky enough to trade with him for a while.

im pretty sure nog v mir II would go down the same way.. mir's striking is waaaaaaaaay better than coutures.. nog likes to block all punches / kicks / knees with his face..



I too admit to thinking that Nog was on the downslope of his career after watching his first fight with Mir.

Knowing what I know know, and watching his performance against Randy however has changed my mind. I still think he is in trouble against someone like Brock, simply due to size/strength issues, or Carwin, simply due to him having dynamite in his fists. But he still has plenty of fight left in him, and he's always a threat to pull off a submission against just about anyone out there.

I think he gives Mir a much, much better fight the second time around, and possibly beats him.


Mir needs to concentrate on Kongo....so his talking ass doesn't get KTFO. Although Kongo has no wrestling whatsoever,I still think we will see how mediocre Mir's wrestling is...granted it will possible be enough to handle Kongo. He doesn't have the wrestling Velasquez does,but he has the edge in experience. If he eats shots like Cain did,he's going to be in trouble...and I don't think he has the wrestling skills to weather the storm. Mir's strengths are his guard game/submissions....and if he can't do anything with that,well...we know what happens.


I have a hard time believing Nog tore his meniscus a couple of weeks before the fight. I've had surgery on my meniscus and there's not much you can do for a month or so after.


He didn't have surgery before the fight. He fought with it torn. Whether or not that actually effected his performance is probably secondary to not training much in the weeks prior to the fight. I have no idea if the outcome would have been any different, and Nog isn't saying it would have been.

I think the point is that it probably would have been a much better fight had Nog not been in the hospital for 7 days and then torn his meniscus right before the fight.

Frank saying everyone goes in banged up and playing this off as Nog being a crybaby makes him look like a dick. Fighters have dropped out of fights for much less. I seem to remember Lesnar vs. Mir being postponed because Frank was unwilling to go into that fight banged up. What a little bitch. He was one of my favorite HWs. Now I just want to see him get his ass kicked.


If only we could see the likes of Ian Freeman in the UFC again to beat him.


I don't see why you are hating on mir. You can see from his perspective. He just beat nog then afterward everyone is saying it didn't mean anything and nog is better than mir. And as far as it's not an excuse it's a reason there is no difference. Excuse= I fought bad because. Reason- the reason I fought bad was....

Still though it ain't nogueras fault they basically asked him and he just answered. He still could of just said "You know all I can say is sometimes shit happens and on that night frank mir was the better man, all I will say is tonight you have seen what I can really do" Or something like that people still would of have gotten the idea and said that nogeura was hurt.

Have any of you who diss fighters like mir actually competed in a combat sport of any kind? Let me tell you honestly no one likes to beat someone and hear everyone saying the person they beat was sick etc. etc. like stealing there win.

I totally see what frank mir is saying about "I am not makeing an excuse but I lost because I was sick" LOL it's so true you hear that shit all the time they say an excuse while claiming it isn't one.

For the record I am massive nogeuria fan and I beleive the excuse and am glad it's true. Just I know how mir feels he ain;t a dick for not likeing to have his loss credibility taken away. People on message boards who have never done it before just don't get it.


well, i really like Mir as a commentaot on the WEC, but i think he talks shit about everone he fights. he talked it about Lenar both times, he talked smack about Nog on TUF, whihc really annoyed me.

i realize that it's just a TV show, but Nog really came across as probably one of the nicest guys in MMA, going so far as to bring losing fighters from the show to his camp to teach them afterwards. of course, Mir just talsk smakc about someone's black belt...

i think pretty much everyone that makes it a habit to run their mouth as a fighter is a moron, since eventually, they gotta back it up. is he resonable once or twice making a point-yeah, he is. but don't make a habit of it...

i would also like to see Mir-Kongo. i think Kongo would have a really, really good time with him :wink:


Nobody is discrediting Mir...he just talks too much. And this is the Combat Sports forum...so there is a good chance that some people here actually compete in combat sports. :wink:


Who is saying that Mir would have lost? You have to be a complete moron to say think that it wouldn't have been a better fight if Nog wouldn't have been the HOSPITAL FOR A WEEK just prior to fight. That's all I am saying and that's all that most are saying.

Mir would have backed out of the fight had the same thing happened to him. That's why I am hating on Mir. He can't talk shit when he refused to fight Lesnar banged up.

Why can't he say he was in the hospital for a week and then tore his meniscus? That's what happened.

Maybe Mir should have said "Well I'm kind of a pussy so I am going to push back my fight with Lesnar until I am 100%". That makes about as much sense.

what does fighting have to do with not liking Frank Mir talking shit about Nog? Not just the fight with him, but completely discrediting his performance against Randy. If he is a dick, I'll call him a dick. Do you have to play football to criticize TO? Do you have to be an air conditioner repair man to criticize Randy the air conditioner repairman?
I totally see what frank mir is saying about "I am not makeing an excuse but I lost because I was sick" LOL it's so true you hear that shit all the time they say an excuse while claiming it isn't one.
Then why didn't he fight Brock when they were scheduled to fight? No excuses right?

He is a dick. Did you even listen to the interviews?


Guess it's possible. I could still dunk a ball before the surgery, but I could also just be walking and my knee would "catch" and I'd fall over, ha. Mir fought Lesnar with a fucking hemotoma [sp?] on his head that had to be lanced before their fight, and he didn't cry or make excuses. Not saying Nog did or is by any means, just pointing that out.


There are plenty of excuses from Mir about his post accident performances. Understandably a cycle accident is a life changing event, but where does one draw the line?


You didn;t understand a lot of my post.

I am done with internet forums. They are for losers. They are the home of the critics they are not a place for me and what I want to become.

"It is not the critic who counts, not the one who points out how the strong man stumbled or how the doer of deeds might have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with sweat and dust and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, if he wins, knows the triumph of high achievement; and who, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat."


Really? Internet forums are for losers? So if we were just a group of guys talking about this over beers at the bar it would different how? I am betting you are incredibly successful. Just a hunch.

MMA is like any other good or service. We consume it and we have the right to be critical of the goods and services we consume. A shitty steak is a shitty steak, and I don't have be a cattle farmer to know that.

Yeah, so. Who is criticizing Mir's performance in the cage? I have talked him up on a couple of threads and think he's a good fighter. I also think he is dick for criticizing other fighters and making personal attacks.

We pay their salaries and have the right to be critical of their performances and actions. My customers have expectations of the products I sell them. If their expectations are not met, they certainly let me know it. Maybe I should tell them not to be so critical unless they have experience designing, producing, marketing, selling, and supporting the products I sell? That would go over really well.


Self important much?

'A witty saying proves nothing' -Voltaire


Man I actually agree with Dhickey. Thats like saying I cannot be a critic of an actors performance because I have no experience acting.