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Noel Clark


First things first. She has a great body. It's pretty apparent she is in great shape. My concern is with the person who did the airbrushing/photoshop work on her pic.

Her abs look like something on a video game character. Not that I could do any better with photoshop. I'm just making an observation on something that I thought stood out.


Hmm. Now that you mention it, I see what you're talking about. But it's possible that it's actually makeup they used on her as opposed to airbrushing the picture.

Years and years ago, back in my college days (around 1862), I did some modeling and the guy would sometimes take some dark-ish makeup and try to "sharpen" the looks of the abs, i.e. drawing in the outlines of the abs more clearly.


Damn, would love to have that job as the makeup applier :slight_smile:

Noticed the same thing looked airbrushed, but even so stunning !


Looks more like shadows to me. The pic was taken outside and you can see the same shading on her thigh. Which, BTW, is very impressive.


I don't know anything about airbrushing or photo shoots, but I do know she looks good! And it looks like nice leg development as well.

So Damici you used to wear body makeup, but it was ok since you had another guy put it on you so that another guy could take pictures of you...nothing wrong with that, I just saying. :slight_smile:


Did you hear me cricize?



Naw, I was just making an observation. At least I didn't mention that you did it for money. :slight_smile: