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Nocturnal ZMA?


Hey guys.
16yr old high school athlete doing Starting Strength.
I'm getting some ZMA soon and am aware that it should be taken 1-2 hrs AFTER and at least 30 minutes BEFORE any meals/supplements so calcium doesn't block absorption. Also, it should be taken before going to bed. However getting in my gallon of milk a day will be hard if I can't drink milk the last 2 hours before bed, especially with school starting tomorrow.

What if I got in all my milk 30 minutes before going to bed, and then set my alarm for 1hr30minutes later (1 REM cycle), then woke up, took the ZMA and went back to bed, similar to what people do with "nocturnal feedings."
Would I lose any benefit, effectiveness?



One option would be to go with ElitePro Minerals. There is not the same concern with taking with calcium.

I personally wouldn't inentionally disrupt my sleep with an alarm to take supplements 1:30 after you go to bed, but that's just me.


Please do NOT wake yourself up to take some ZMA. A restful sleep is more important than ensuring 100% of your ZMA is absorbed.


SERIOUSLY , y do u need ZMA at ur age anyway? drink the milk and eat cottage cheese and then sleep.........


take your supp 30 mins before the last meal of the evening. that will solve your problem


I piss like 4 times a night...therefore, I will sometimes put ZMA next to my bed for when I naturally wake up to piss. But, if you don't piss..I wouldn't intentionally wake yourself up to take it..


This guy T levels are probably at an all time low, think hes looking for the T replacement section. When I was your age I was just starting out in the nutrition/supplementation world and I always wished I had someone to mentor me to where I am now. Ditch the ZMA I think it's a garbage supplement and just go straight for Zinc and Magnesium supplementation separately. This allows you to up the Magnesium which should be about close to 1.5 grams daily(NOT all at once!) for all males.


That's what I do.

OP, if you DO wake up at night to take a piss, take a dose of ZMA or plain Magnesium at that time. It might help you fall asleep again.
If you don't wake up at night, don't interrupt you sleep.


take milk 3 hrs before bed so milk can get absorbed if you have b+ blood group then you can digest any dairy foods easily

then take zma just before bed


the way i do is take milk in the morning

then take zma 30 mins before bed and have nice herbal ginger tea


What does this mean?


Blood Type Diet bro.
Useless, unsubstantiated, and a bunch of similar adjectives I'm too bored to type.