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Nocturnal Feedings vs HGH production


Just read the Hardgainers article & this part got me thinking.

"Nocturnal Feedings

Along with daily meals, a good method to squeeze in additional growth-promoting calories is to have a "night shake" that you sip before bed and finish when you awaken during the night to use the bathroom. A high quality protein powder like Metabolic Drive�??�?�® Low Carb mixed with extra virgin olive oil or macadamia nut oil provides 50-100 grams of muscle building protein, along with a manageable amount of quality calories."

Now I been doing some research on hormones lately. I'm aware that insulin blunts HGH production. Insulin is released when we consume protein(but at a diffrent rate than carb)From my research HGH production seems to be the greatest during REM sleep.(if I'm wrong please correct me).

So wouldn't eating before bed interfere with our bodies ability to produce HGH while in REM? From my experience consuming a small protein rich meal before bed helps tremendously with recovery. From my experience the REM HGH isn't noticeable as far as gains/recovery. Hard gainer or not, what's your opinion/experience on Nocturnal Feedings vs the REM HGH production? Also, is it even worth going to bed on an empty stomach in hopes of producing more HGH?


My last meal is about an hour before i plan to sleep. Give the food/shake time to digest.
Ive thought about waking up to drink a shake, but i've seen a few articles suggesting not 2. Saying that it's better to have 8 hours of continuous sleep for the HGH and recovery issues.

If you can sleep longer than 8 hours, like if you work or go to school later on in the day i'd wake up not long after 8 hours, drink a shake and sleep for another hour or 2?

I haven't looked into it really. Just something that crossed my mind here and there, and happened to form an opinion.


I bet if you work your ass off in the gym, like, leave nothing working your ass off -- and you're giving everything you've got everytime - some days more than others no doubt. Consistently, over time -- stay with me here...

I bet if you're doing that, and you're forcing the muscles to breakdown enough to repair and grow (given the right nutrients) and you're weights are progressing -- consistently, over time -- now, stay with me ---

I bet if you're doing that, and you're eating enough to grow, like really eating to grow, to just throw calories and protein and all that shit your body needs -- stay with me, now dammit ---

I bet if you're doing that, it doesn't make a whole fuckton of difference if you drink a damn protein shake 1 hour before, half hour before, 8 minutes before, or 2 hours after you go to sleep --- YOU'RE GOING TO GROW.

Just a thought.

Do people really lose sleep over this (pun not intended).

I need to post this in TCell "Things I Believe But Can't Prove".


The End.


Your insulin levels won't even be elevated enough after a big meal to blunt HGH release for any longer than 1.5 hrs. So, take into consideration by the time you dick around after that meal, take a piss, brush your teeth etc etc you probably won't even be asleep until about an hour after that meal anyways...so, no biggie.

Besides, the bodies natural HGH production is so small it's not even something to worry about because it's really not going to play any role in enhancing your physique. The extra calories from that bedtime feeding and adequate sleep for recovery play a MUCH greater role than any shitty HGH release that may occur.

Seriously, there's no reason to worry about HGH unless you plan on injecting it.


Lmfao. Exactly, but I do notice that after a couple weeks on the Anabolic Diet or Body Opus that my sleep is much deeper than usuall, and I need much less of it. Im guessing im pouring out a little more GH than usuall. But I wouldnt say this affects how I grow or recover etc, or make me get so anal as to want to take a shake when Im not doing AD to grow better.


Funny, I was just going to post the exact same thing.


If it doesn't matter then why waste a whole post to express yourself?

I agree with waylanderxx to an extent "there's no reason to worry about HGH unless you plan on injecting it. "

I would suggest getting a full 8 hours of sleep and not waking up to eat/drink regardless.
Like i said before, if you sleep longer than 8-9 hours, id recommend drinking a shake sometime after that time frame.

It's not a big deal to some and some think it may not matter, but to quote a great mind. " A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy? "