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NOC results

  1. Markus Ruhl (Germany)
  2. Bob Cicherillo (USA)
  3. Francisco Bautista (Spain)
  4. Darrem Charles (Trinidad & Tobago)
  5. Craig Titus (USA)
  6. Paul Dillett (USA)
  7. Tom Prince (USA)
  8. Melvin Anthony (USA)
  9. JD Dawodu (England)
  10. Gustavo Badell (Puerto Rico)
  11. Willie Stalling (USA)
  12. Mustafa Mohammad (Austria)
  13. Jason Arntz (USA)
  14. Eddie Abbew (England)
  15. Johannes Elftheridis (Germany)

so the pregnant german giant won. guess all that freaky mass paid off. whats up with tom prince? he hasnt had a top 5 finish yet this year.

I’ll have to see the contest photos of this one. But, first off, for Paul Dillett to have come back after, what 2-3 years of not competing, and place Sixth? He’s not one of my faves, but thats pretty good. I do like Darrem Charles, cool to see him in the Top 5. I’ll check out getbig.com to see if any photos have been posted.

Thanks, for the update!