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Nobody Wants to be a Clone (5/3/1)


Well - I think I've finally done the research, crunched the numbers, and spent the money necessary to get myself into a serious plan. I am a small dude, and I have always hated it. So, I have picked a program to do the impossible - get strong and get big. Starting tomorrow, I'm on the 5/3/1 program with a 4x/week split. I am sure I'll have to slide the actual days here and there occasionally because of my current situation, but by and large I should be able to maintain a 4x split, at the least, a 3x.

Current Stats:
Bodyweight: 141lbs
Height: 5'8" (I thought I was 5'9 until I went to the doc a few days ago)
BF% - Between 8 and 10%

Lifting Maxes:
*All of these maxes are adjusted training maxes according to Wendler's formula. I calculated them off of estimated maxes from the ebook.
Squat: 190, rounded from 188.973
Military Press: 100, rounded from 99.7375
Bench: 180, rounded from 178.1838
Deadlift: 220, rounded from 218.66355

In terms of weight lifted, I don't have any specific numerical goals. Steady progress is what I'm after. I want to focus on form and function of the program before I start saying "I want to lift xxx by yyy." Some distant goals are 300lb deadlift by the end of the year and to be able to bench press 225 for at least 3 reps.

My primary goal right now is body mass. I want to weigh at least 150 pounds by May 29th. I am in on of my best friends' wedding, and if I could be heavier and stronger than I've ever been, it'd be a huge boost for me.

For a long time I've been into excuses and the "easy way." Not so much any more. I'm not as young as I used to be and I've learned that it takes work - on the weights and on the diet.

On that note, my diet has been a crippling factor in previous attempts. I just "ate more" rather than "ate smart." T-Nation has really helped clear up the diet picture for me. Now, I have targeted diet goals with nutrients I know I can get.

Rather than worrying about "Exacts" in terms of nutrient numbers, I just work in "at leasts."
Protein: 150 grams
Fats: 90 grams
Carbs: 300 grams
Cals: 2500

I figure if I can hit these numbers I'll be in good shape. That isn't to say I'll be slamming back cheeseburgers once I get them in, but I can worry less about a particular meal once I know I'm in my diet range. Tomorrow, since it's Sunday AND my first day of the program, I'm going to try and post my full meal schedule and my training numbers.

I'm obviously hoping for success, and I'm sure I can get there if I knuckle down. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully I'll be able to get some photos and videos up to go along with my plans. Questions, comments, snide remarks, and general heckling is always welcome.


I'm not sure if it works for you, but FUCK THE DIET!!! I mean the numbers related to it anyways.

I eat mcdonalds/taco bell/burger king along with potato chips, chocolate, junk of all sorts... just shitty shitty food BUT I make it a point to get a lot of protein in. I don't count but I estimate my daily count is generally 100-300g. It's not very regular because I eat whenever and whatever and some days I decide to eat and drink a lot of protein and some days I don't feel like it as much. For me, I need the calories since it translates to weight. Fat or not, I want it because it only helps you get even bigger and bigger until one day I decide to diet properly to lose the fat weight. [I'm not a big fan of cardio but I'm an ecto/mesomorph so I can get away with it]

I eat a lot of crap, but I also take a decent amount of protein with it, or on separate meals in shakes or milk

Keep hitting the weights hard man!! You'll be there before you know it. Nice and steady... :]


Its awesome to see someone wanting to bulk up for a wedding instead of all these skinny fat fuckers doing P90X trying to get SMALLER.....

Keep after it man, your 300 deadlift should be easily attainable by the end of the year...your strength will shoot up fast on 5-3-1 if you bust your ass and eat right...

Speaking of which, I agree with Nitrous...just EAT...at your size, you can probably afford a bit of fat gain without looking like shit...if you are worried about it, go for walks in the morning...and be sure to do the conditioning (5-3-1 isn't just a weightlifting program!!! North of Vag!)

If I were you, diet wise, I would just eat a lot and then add 2 scoops of protein shake at the end of every meal...the liquid isn't very filling so you won't puke, but it is a great way to get more calories in...

Get after it man...


I agree completely with what these guys have said, just eat and eat a lot and make sure every meal has protein in it. and If you do 1 or 2 days of conditioning a week you won't get fat. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your progress since I also just started 531 a month and a half ago, feel free to check out my log. P.S. where is your buddy's wedding if you don't mind me asking because my sister is getting married on may 29th also and i found that to be a huge coincidence. I know her fiancée has a lot of friends that don't live here in buffalo.



Day 1 - Military Press

I was a little intimidated today, since everything basically started over for me. My supplements, workout schedule - all of it. Coming off a week where I had to travel a lot and my diet went to hell didn't help, either. Plus, I admittedly work out at a health club/rehab facility, so really getting in the groove can sometimes be tough. But, I ate well when I woke up, got a decent second meal, and hit the gym around 1330.

5/3/1, Day 1, Cycle 1.

Military Press:
1 x 5 @ 45, 50 (warmup)
1 x 3 @ 60 (warmup)
1 x 5 @ 65
1 x 5 @ 75
1 x 10 @ 85**

4 x 15 unweighted
1 x 12 unweighted

Chin-ups :
1 x 10 (palms in)
1 x 10 (palms in)
1 x 7 (palms out)
1 x 6 (palms in)
1 x 6 (palms out)

** - This was my 5+ set for the day, and I was surprised at how good I felt. I had a minimal amount of downtime between sets, but I didn't want to get antsy and over do it. Admittedly I had some help from the Jack3d, but it was nice to feel good on the first day. Also, when I wrote out my schedule on the notecards I take with me, I got a little ambitious with the dips. I figured I could do a few weighted sets since I usually can knock out 3 sets of 6 to 8 with an extra 60 pounds. Not so much in this workout. I'm also not used to doing chins at the end of my routine, so my last 3 sets went to failure, essentially. And, I had to switch grips because a guy was moving on and off my equipment - and I didn't feel like waiting for 4 minutes between sets.

All in all it was a good first day. I like the routine already. It's simple and I left the gym feeling like I had really done some work. I was afraid that the assistance work wouldn't really make me feel like I'd done anything, but I was wrong.

A lot of my work is going to be cookie-cutter from the 5/3/1 book, with a couple of mandatory changes due to equipment availability. I don't anticipate it hurting me, though. We'll see. I'll be feeling like a monster in no time. Hopefully some initial pics up soon, and I'll definitely try to score some video on deadlift day.


It looks like your Bench Press and Military Press are similar to mine, but I expect you will make progress faster than me because you are more of a mesomorph.

Thats good that you are doing lots of dips and chin-ups without an assist; I' envious. Rippetoe points out if you can do a lot of these without an assist you are already reasonably strong for your weight.


Day 2, Cycle 1 - Day of the deads

I really wanted to carry the video camera to the gym today and get some deadlift clips. But, I had a hitch in my giddyup this morning. Without sounding crass, my stomach was totally wrecked, and so I didn't know how good of a day I was going to have. So, I decided to go to the gym and get the work in, but not take the camera.

There would have been nothing sexy about dropping the bar mid-set and sprinting towards the head. If the 5/3/1 book, the Triumvirate calls for Good Mornings on deadlift day, but I don't have a good bar for it in my gym, and I'm a little narrow in the shoulders to trust the weight across my back. Here's how my day looked:

1 x 5 @ 90
1 x 5 @ 110
1 x 3 @ 130

1 x 5 @ 140
1 x 5 @ 165
1 x 12 @ 185 **

Back Extension:
5 x 12, unweighted

Hanging Leg Raise:
5 x 10

Of course I have notes on every exercise. On all sets of my deadlift except my last one, I used an overhand grip. On my last, I used a split grip. I was really happy to knock out 12, but I think my form suffered on a few because I'm a dipshit. I keep my ipod in my pocket, and a few times when I was lowering the bar to the floor, my thumb would catch on the cord. I'll be fixing that next time. Altogether the lifts were pretty solid, and I felt alright.

Back extensions were my substitute for the good mornings. I am definitely feeling the tightness in my lower back now, and they got really tough in my last two sets. I was pleased about that, because it hopefully means I didn't waste time with a superfluous exercise.

Hanging leg raises quite frankly kicked my ass. I have never done them before, and it was a beast. The routine calls for 5 x 15, but that was not happening if I wanted to keep form. I really focused on not swinging, and I wasn't able to do them in pike position. My arms were wobbly from yesterday's chinups, but I did manage to get all sets and all reps. I definitely felt it in the abs and in the lats/bi's (from holding myself steady).

Some quick notes/acknowledgements - Nitro, VTB - I appreciate the motivating words. I am only paying attention to my diet so strictly because I totally fear being skinnyfat. If I was pudgy around the middle with toothpick arms and legs (which isn't far from the truth!) I would have to throw myself into a chum bucket and let the sharks have me. Right now my waist is at 29" and my chest is at 39". So, if I can maintain that difference, or increase it, I'll loosen the straps on the diet.

Goodfellow - Wedding I'm going to is it Atlanta.

SRP - thanks for the kind words, man.

Pics will follow sometime soon. Probably this weekend when the wife is here to take them, maybe sooner. I really, really want to get the video up of squat/deadlift form, so be looking for that in the next weeks.


ah then definitely not the same wedding haha. Good job so far with your first two days of 531 though. you'll notice your grip strength will improve a lot from the chin ups and you'll be surprised how much bigger your arms will get bigger from this program as well even though those are only really hit from mostly dips and chins.


Another thing I'd like to add, I don't know the 531 training at all... but if you're doing those hanging leg ab things with just holding the bar instead of sticking your elbows in those little noose attachments for this exercise, your static-grip strength is going to increase a lot. Your deadlift will fly!

another note, for exercises like that personally I would cheat like it was a math test. I always start off with picture perfect form, but once I start to get tired I cheat like hell on the positive motion to squeeze the peak position for a good and HARD squeeze and then I put a lot of emphasis on controlling the negative as slowly and well as I can. If your muscles are giving out enough that you can't perform the positive motion for things like leg raises, focus on the negative!! try it out next time keeping in mind the above info. I guarantee your abs will feel tons worse the next day (in a good way) :]


5/3/1 - Day 3, Cycle 1

Alright - after my first rest day, I can safely say that I am sore as hell. I really couldn't make a lot of sense of the assistance work, but now I sort of get it. I wanted to go do conditioning yesterday, but I just had to take a rest day. Now, though, I regret it because I don't want to go run sprints before a leg day. So, what I will probably do is rest tomorrow, too, and run on Saturday after leg day on Friday. I chalk it up to working out the kinks in the first week. I confess to a few doubts about the lifting efficiency to begin with, but more became clear today.

Bench Press Day -

Bench Press:
1 x 5 @ 70
1 x 5 @ 90
1 x 3 @ 110
* Admittedly, doing this warmup I felt a little ridiculous. There was a pretty good looking chick on the bench next to me that was doing a lot of the same weight. But, I sat down and said to myself, "check it at the door," and trucked on.

1 x 5 @ 115
1 x 5 @ 135
1 x 15(!!) @ 150

D-Bell Bench:
4 x 15 @ 35
1 x 13 @ 35

Kroc Rows (Rrraaaahh):
1 x 20 @ 50
1 x 16 @ 50
1 x 12 @ 50

This day was just brutal. I felt great getting up and getting to the gym. Had my ipod on and everything started feeling good. My last set on the bench was killer, and the first 9 reps or so was an easy day. A small part of me kind of thought I might be way off on my training max if I was getting 15 reps, but I'm going to stick with it and re-evaluate after my deload week. When I got to the DB Bench, I low-balled the weight because of the increased reps (from what I normally do), and I hit it right on the head. 35's were perfect for me. As for the rows - I've never done high rep rows before with d-bells, but I can see why people do them. I want my grip to get stronger, so I was practically choking the weights. I don't know if the decreasing reps was a good sign, but I did basically as many as I could.

As a side note - I have realized that one of my weaknesses is my sleeping. I have a rough time sleeping sometimes, and I have a tendency to stay in bed and roll around not falling back asleep in the morning. So, last night I set an alarm and rolled my ass out of bed when it went off. I was in bed less time than usual, but I feel more rested.

I've been doing 2x/day weigh-ins (strictly for the purposes of experiment and tracking), and I seem to have stalled. I'm not freaking out about not gaining weight on an hourly basis, because I mainly blame the diet. So, I'm happy with the workout and really happy with the feeling I'm getting between workouts. Really jazzed about the results that could come from this.

Still appreciating the views and the encouraging words. It's easy for guys my size to get discouraged sometimes.


5/3/1 Day 4, Cycle 1

I think I've finally figured out my sleep cycle, which is awesome for me. For the last month I've had real problems staying asleep at night, waking up sweating, tossing and turning, etc. But, I may have hammered out the reasons and I've been sleeping well the last couple of nights, so I'm jazzed. Makes a huge difference in focus and power output in the weight room (as if y'all didn't know that). Today was my last "first day" of the program and I was pleasantly surprised.

Running some new wheels under it - Leg Day

1 x 5 @ 75
1 x 5 @ 95
1 x 3 @ 115

1 x 5 @ 125
1 x 5 @ 140
1 x 14 @ 160

Leg Press:
5 x 15 @ 135 (**)

Lying Leg Curl:
5 x 10 @ 80

Basically all of my sets leading up to my "big set" on the squats felt dumb. Not to say I thought they were worthless by any stretch, it just felt weird having 140 pounds in the work set range. Again, I checked the ego, though, and did what I was suppose to according to the routine. I cranked out my big set, too, going ATG on my squats, and it was a good start. I wasn't sure how I'd feel when I was done, but when I walked away from the bar to get a pen and write down my rep count, it felt like someone put my legs in a vice. Knew I had done something right. About the leg press - we have a traditional leg press machine in the gym, and I used two plates for my sets. Felt a little light initially, but by set 3 I was really grinding my teeth Leg curls were tough, but I was pleased I was able to get all my reps (with considerable effort) at 80 pounds. I've always felt like my hams were a little weak.

So, my first week is done and I'm really happy with how I feel during the week and after a workout. I didn't suddenly put 40 pounds on my deadlift and two inches on my chest or anything, but I feel like this is the type of simple, number-crunching program that I can make serious progress on.

Now, a quick question for anyone else doing 5/3/1 - I've noticed that in my big sets (for 5+ reps) that I am consistently getting almost double (or more) the reps in my other work sets. Is that pretty normal in the first cycle, since I'm only working with 80/85% of my training max?

Have some family obligations this weekend, so I wont be able to train on Sunday. Hopefully, though, I'll get my initial progress pics up and get ready for a couple of vids next week. Always open to routine, pic, and vid critique.


2 day update for this post. The end of last week and pretty much all of this week is going to kind of suck. I had to do some last-minute traveling, so I didn't get to do my conditioning on schedule like I wanted. I did complete the entire week of 5/3/1 (first cycle), so I was jazzed about that. I was suppose to start again on Sunday, but I was visiting the wife this weekend, and so spending time with her was more important. Call me crazy.

Anyway, this week is a little rough, too, because it's my military drill weekend, and we have our fitness test. AND, I had to start my week training today. So, naturally things are a little off. Here's how things are shaking out so far.

Monday - Conditioning Day 1:

Jog-Rest Sprints:
5 x 25
* Sprint distance, jog back, repeat

Shuttle Runs:
5 x 50

Long Sprints:
5 x 80

This was kind of a quick conditioning day, but I wanted to do something. I had just gotten done travelling all weekend and I was pretty wrecked in terms of getting quality sleep. I knocked it out, though, and hopefully in the next few weeks I can get some beach sprints in, since I don't have a prowler.

5/3/1 Cycle 2, Day 1 - Military Press

Military Press:
1 x 5 @ 40
1 x 5 @ 50
1 x 3 @ 60

1 x 5 @ 70 **
1 x 5 @ 80 **
1 x 9 @ 90

5 x 15, bodyweight

3 x 10
1 x 8
1 x 6

I'm sure most of you who are familiar with the 5/3/1 realized my screw up today. I was in a little bit of a hurry to get out the door this morning, and I didn't write down the procedure correctly. So, instead of doing sets of 3, I did sets of 5 with a higher percentage progression of weights. I don't think this will hurt me too bad, as long as I get back on the correct schedule for the rest of the cycle. Wont make that mistake tomorrow for deadlift day. I have to say, though, that I was pleased with getting the 9 reps at the higher percentage this week. As for the dips - got every rep this week. Also, did a little better on my pull ups, but I only used 2 grips. Palms out, and palms facing each other. My gym doesn't have a bar for full-on palms-in, so I decided to just make it work otherwise.

This week, though, gets kind of jacked up after this. My plan is to go do my deadlifts tomorrow (after I get back from fishing with my old man - totally jacked about that), take Thursday off because I have to drive to my drill, do my bench day on friday, and then skip squats this week because of my fitness test on saturday. I really, REALLY hate skipping leg day, but I sort of have to pass this fitness test. I'll also be taking the hanging leg raise out of one day so I don't end up getting ab cramps in the middle of the test. Hopefully this wont mess me up too badly, but I'm not sure how I'm going to work in the appropriate compensation for the 3rd week. We'll have to see. I may just let my legs lag a week and take the week after my deload to re-evaluate my ORM's. That way when I start my second trip into 5/3/1, I'll have everything back up to speed.

Also, I know I have been saying that I'm going to get some progress pics and vids up. The pics were suppose to happen this weekend, but apparently my entire family doesn't understand the concept of privacy. I was going to get my wife to take them, but I don't think that my inlaws would understand if I am standing in the middle of the room, in underwear, having my wife take photos of me. So, I'm going to work something else out this week.


5/3/1 Cycle 2, Day 2 - Deadlift

1 x 5 @ 90
1 x 5 @ 110
1 x 3 @ 130

1 x 3 @ 155
1 x 3 @ 175
1 x 14 (!!) @ 195

Back Extensions:
5 x 12 - bodyweight

Hanging Leg Raise:
4 x 12
1 x 9

Really felt like I killed it today. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night, because I guess I had too much on my mind. Woke up at 0415 and that was all she wrote. My old man and I hit the salt flats today for some fishing for a couple of hours, and I was really afraid the sun would take it out of me. But, I got lucky and it didn't. So, I rolled into the gym ready. My 3 warmup sets of DL started with teh bar racked at hip height, and I dropped from there. Once I got into the work sets, though, I started on the ground. Also, I stopped using straps and went to an overhand/hook grip. I guess this program does do wonders for grip strength in a big hurry, because I didn't have any problems through 11 or 12 reps of my heavy lift. That was a good feeling.

Back extensions were pretty uneventful. Still feel it working, and I should be able to add some weight to a set or two next week.

Hanging leg raise - big change here from last week. The routine calls for 5x15, but last week I only got 3x10 or something. This week I bumped to 12 and only failed on the last set. I think I got the form down a little better from the dead hang position, and I felt it a lot more in my abs.

Side note - holy shit chalk. Any newbies on this program or that do olympic lifts should sympathize with me. You veterans should be shaking your head. I HAVE chalk (my lovely wife bought me 4 bricks) that I didn't take - mainly because I'm a dipshit. The bricks I have, though, look like oversized bars of butter, so I'm trying to figure out how to shave some off to stick in my bag to take with me. I don't think my gym has a rule against it, but if I break out a Paula Dean sized chalk bar, someone might say something. Anyone have a tip for this?

Altogether, a good day and I'm pleased that it's looking like this week may work out. Still hittin' it strong.


5/3/1 Cycle 2, Day 3 - Bench Press

Alright, this week is totally screwed. I had to travel and work 4 days over the course of a long weekend last week, so my training went to hell. I also had to take my Navy fitness test, so that basically took the place of a conditioning day. I scored alright, but not as well as I wanted to, because I'm slow. I also ate like total shit all weekend, but managed to keep the weight on (which doesn't usually happen when I go off the diet.

Anyway, this is actually my third week of training, but my second week got so jacked up that I decided to backpedal and do what I can. So, week 2 got military press and deadlift, and this week (Tuesday / Friday) is getting Bench and Squat. I figure this way when I get to my third lifting week, everything tracks back to normal. Anyway, on to the numbers.

Bench Press:
1 x 5 @ 70
1 x 5 @ 90
1 x 3 @ 105

1 x 3 @ 125
1 x 3 @ 140
1 x 12 @ 160

DB Bench Press:
5 x 15 @ 35

1 x 22 @ 50
1 x 17 @ 50
1 x 13 @ 50

All in all, I felt pretty good for coming off a weekend of travel and not going to the gym. A little weak, but nothing bad. My last BP set felt pretty good, but I am combating an injury right now - more on that later. Improvement on this week's DBBP, too. I got all the reps for all sets at 35, so next week for BP, I'll probably move up to the 40's. Kroc Rows felt good today, too. They always almost make me puke. My rep range is higher than the first time, so what I will probably do is go for 25 reps in the first set next time, and if I get it, I'll move up to 55lbs the following (work) week.

My injury - this is starting to worry me. While I was on active duty last year, I injured my wrist pretty badly. I didn't get it checked out because I thought it was just a sprain, but to this day I have to grit my teeth through pushups, because it hurts so badly. Needless to say, I rarely do them, and I wrap it up every time I'm in the gym. I've had multiple x-rays and an MRI, which revealed nothing serious. The doc (orthopedist) thought I may have broken some bones or partially torn something. He said it was safe to lift as long as I didn't put extreme tension on the wrist. So, off I went and it hasn't hurt so far. But, I woke up this morning with tingling in my ring and pinky fingers on the same hand. That is worrisome. So, I'm going back to the doc this week or next to find out if I can get this looked at and figure out what is really going on.


5/3/1 Cycle 2, Day 4 - Wheels

Well, this is the end of my boondoggle week, and it's been a crazy week. On top of a dicked up gym schedule and having to run around crazy for my buddy's bachelor party, I think I'm getting sick. AND, I'm suppose to be out on the boat in deep water tomorrow. Great. Also, I thought I had another tub of my Jack3d, and I don't. So, I inadvertently screwed that up, too. Ugh.

Week 2, Day 4, Squats.

1 x 5 @ 75
1 x 5 @ 95
1 x 3 @ 115

1 x 3 @ 135
1 x 3 @ 150
1 x 13 @ 170

Leg Press:
5 x 15 @ 135

Lying Leg Curl:
3 x 10 @ 85
1 x 8 @ 85

Today was weird. As soon as I got in the gym, everything felt heavy. Even my warmup sets were disproportionately weighty. I was thinking, "man, my work set is going to suck." Fortunately, it didn't. I had a little nervous energy from turning the camera on, so I cranked out a solid 13 reps. I really wanted to go up in weight on the leg presses, but since I have had a jacked up week, getting sick, etc, I decided that gritting my teeth and getting what I could was probably wiser than trying to push it. Same went for the LLC's, but I did go up in weight a little.

Okay, I'm going to try and attach my video here. It's just a quick video of my 'heavy' set for squats. It's not impressive, but any "holy shit you're doing that wrong!" type of comments are welcome. You can't see my feet, but I think the general picture of my form is alright, since it's shot from the back. This was my first video in the gym, and I got a few funny looks. Next week, I'm going to use some different angles and see what I get.

Ninja edit - apparently the video attached. It's still on youtube, but the version here is better.


Nice job on the squat. What's the blue thing on your neck? Does that help soften the bar on your neck?


Nice squats. I was reading your earlier posts and saw you said you were weighing in 2x daily? I'm not a fan of weighing in often, as you can sort of psych yourself out.


Nice work on picking a plan and just doing it. For the squats, some looked good and some were all over the place and not just as you fatigued either, a few at the end looked better than the middle ones. Just a couple things to think about on each rep, "chest up", and "knees out".

These two cues will help with a lot of the form issues that crop up. A side view video will help a lot as well.


srpres - thanks man. That blue thing is a "manta ray," I think is the brand name. And yea, it spreads out the weight of the bar a little for skinny people like me. If I put my heavier sets on without it, my form goes to hell.

Blaze - appreciate the comment. And yea, I weighed in morning/night for about 3 weeks. I cut that out, though, for 2 reasons. One, I would get totally bummed when I'd lose .2 lbs, and I realized that was getting counter productive. Two, I've had to travel a lot lately and getting food hasn't been the issue - getting diet specific food has been the issue. The weighing in was to maintain a record for being extremely strict, and if I couldn't manage it, the study was useless anyway.

Flash edit - Luke, I agree totally. I watched that video and on a few reps just said, "what the hell?" I'm usually not that bad across my set, so I'm chalking it up to not feeling well and being a little gun shy of the camera. Thanks for throwing that out. (No sarcasm)


5/3/1 Week 3, Day 1 - MP

This is technically week 4, but I wont revisit that story. After a long weekend (charter fishing bachelor party, Easter, visit from the wife), I got back into it hard today. I'm operating on no real supplementation other than some creatine right now, so I was worried about going into my big week without it.

Week 3:
Military Press:
1 x 5 @ 45
1 x 5 @ 50
1 x 3 @ 60

1 x 5 @ 75
1 x 3 @ 85
1 x 8 @ 95

5 x 15 unweighted

4 x 10
1 x 5

I was really happy with my military press, even though I was a little distracted in the gym. Since my current-block max is 100, getting 95 for 8 reps is a huge confidence boost. After that, my dips were pretty uneventful - I'll start adding weight in my second block, after I get new maxes. Chins - don't really know what happened there. I finally got to use my chalk and I did 4 sets with alternating grips. As soon as I hit my last set, though, my first hang was almost impossible to pull up from. Maybe it was just the fatigue hitting me, but it was a total bonk. I couldn't even have kipped the last 5. Anyway, it was a good day, and I'm back on a strict diet. If I'm not on the water tomorrow, I should have a deadlift vid for my heaviest week.