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Nobody Responded. I'm Done

Can’t get a response. Moving on to a forum that will help.

Stop creating new threads princess. You just created ANOTHER new thread yesterday and are moving to a new site because of no responses? What about the threads below you’ve started and received help from? I count four.


First, make up your mind. You like the forum or you don’t.

Second, you started two threads less than 24 hours ago and are upset that you didn’t get any replies yet? Congrats on being pissed that people didn’t spend their time giving you free advice in accordance with your schedule. Nevermind the four other threads you started in the last two months where you got tons of advice from many different members.

Third, I don’t know much about TRT, but I’m guessing high E2 can lead to mood swings and a short temper. Check your levels.

Lastly, if you want to go, go. A whiney thread like this was unnecessary.


BOOM! Well said and I agree on the E2.

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Classic E2 do not listen to any sad old country songs whatever you do

These guys are the best, but they have a life and only so many of them can give the most technical advice. It’s basically free high end medical advice

Maybe this guy doesn’t know how forums work? He thinks he has to post a new topic every time instead of maintained the same topic and posting new things in it?