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Nobody Cares!


I was bored and got to thinking why is it the common thinking nowadays is to worry about yourself and nobody elses problem? Isn't that what makes us Human? Caring for one another, helping each other out and what not? Yet I constantly hear from people "Worry about yourself" (or some variation), Am i right or am I wrong? Anybody care to elaborate?


Who cares.





It depends on the situation.


Here's the thing: Most people's problems are insignificant. Look around here, every few days (especially in SAMA) some schmoe posts about some broad about how said broad said something or is acting a certain way blah blah blah and what he can do about it.

Most of the posts say "Man up" which is exactly right. Why is that right you ask? Well, it's an insignificant problem.

On the other side of the coin you'll have someone make a thread about something truly debilitating and life altering. To which you'll more than likely get insightful responses aimed at alleviating some of the problem; granted some of the advice will be contradictory from different people. Even then, a lot of what is being said is, handle your business.

It's not that we don't care. If we were completely apathetic you would have the op and then pics of boobs (nttawwboobs). But you get genuine responses. And a lot of problems, ultimately, fall into the category of "man up" and "handle your business."

I could delve a bit deeper if needed, but this is a quick little response. It's almost lunch and I'm hungry (not I'm Imhungry, but I would like to eat some food to alleviate hunger .. neverming, you get it). So, people do care, but our sensitivity to circumstances has been somewhat dulled due to a high volume of insignificant problems.


I care to death. I treat stranger's problems like my own and try my best to set them right. I've been brought under the thinking "If WE ALL don't eat, I don't eat".

"He ain't heavy, he's my brother"

I'll never not help a person nor will I second guess the action.


eat pussy?


Let me translate, Polo uses a lot of big words.

He doesn't give two shits.








^This sums it up perfectly^
And sometimes (probably most of the time) people need to help themselves. But I do understand the need to vent to somebody/anybody. Hell, get a dog!

Rock wrote: "I'll never not help a person nor will I second guess the action."
Strong words, well put


Ok, but.....

Rock, I just mowed through a school zone where kids were crossing. I am pretty drunk but I'm pretty sure I mowed like 10 of them down. Can you help me go back and take care of any whitnesses and get rid of the bodies? You can? Awsome (fuck you lanky) thanks broseph!



lol, there's a difference between helping someone in need vs helping someone avoid there punishment. I mean...dick. lol


That's very Christ-like of you, oh Dark One.


Most people's "problems" today are a joke. People 200 years ago would laugh if they could understand what we stress out about. We have machines that cook our food in less than 5 minutes...yet we still don't have time...to drive our cars that go over 60mph on free ways that would have taken days to travel just 100 years ago.

We complain about how depressed we are...while sitting in front of our flat screen tv's with enough home media to literally charge for movie seating in our living rooms. We label ourselves as having attention deficit...as if the rolling lines at the bottom of news show, the flashing ads and the blinking lights of electric screens has nothing to do with it.

I help people daily for health concerns. I personally am not interested in dealing with everyone's personal problems from day to day beyond that.


There's a difference between helping someone truly in need and 'helping' someone because you disagree with them.


I blame Seinfeld.

Before Seinfeld, every sitcom seemed to have a purpose, every character had a soul the depths of which could be easily plumbed -- no matter how deep or dark -- over the course of 30 minutes. Even the baddest of bad guys could be shown to have a "human" side before reverting back (completely unaffected and seemingly unaware by any possible ramifications of character development) to their stereotype for the remainder of the season.

Seinfeld, however, showed us the abyss... and we gazed into it for 9 long years. insert ubermensch, death of God, tightrope walkers, etc. here


You help and care for the family that just lost there house to a fire and their dog burnt to a crisp. You dont help out some young kid who lost his girlfriend and is all emo now. As you get older you start to realize what is really important and who really needs help.


As a Christian, I'm called to forget about myself and invest all of my energy into the well-being of others, trusting that God will provide for me. If I show the "worry about yourself" attitude, I consider it my failure.


Caring about others is for women and gheys