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Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to China Dissident Liu Xiaobo



Jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo has been named the winner of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

The award, announced in Norway's capital Oslo, is certain to anger Beijing, which had earlier warned against the move.

Ahead of the announcement, Norwegian Nobel Committee president Thorbjoern Jagland told local television he knew he would have to defend the choice.

Mr Liu, 54, was jailed for 11 years on Christmas Day last year for drafting Charter 08, which called for multiparty democracy and respect for human rights in China.


Norwegian media also reports that BBC and CNN went black in China as the peace prize was announced. The Chinese embassy in Norway went into complete lockdown. Not even the mailman could get inside. There's been army of reporters outside the gates.


here are my toughts about this:

1: are we surprised that the totalitarian regime in china respond negatively on this.

2: xiaobo does fight an importent battle in china, but he should not have been given the nobel peace price because he is no peace activist. he deserve it more than obama last year or al gore some years ago. why not give it to somebody that have done something for peace on our planet. but no, the asswipes who hands it outs gives it to a president who send troops to afganistan and they gives it no a man who made a movie about globalwarming WTF. Obama does the opposit of creating peace and al Gore does nothing relevant to peacework and xiaobo`s work ( as importent as it is ) doesnt have any thing to do with peace.

rant over.


Well, I agree with the general sentiment of the announcement (as I read it), i.e. that with China's advancement their human rights record shouldn't be glossed over.


Who would you nominate? Just curious :slightly_smiling:



I think Obama definitely deserved the award, you guys just don't think so because you hate black people..

u mad?


why did obama deserve it?
what have he done for peace??


I dont know, but a person who have been working for peace. why not choose a person who have been working against the american occupation in afganistan.


I will concede that he deserved it as much, if not more, than Al Gore.


Maybe he is not aiming for the kind of peace they ae aiming for?

I also highly doubt that the Afgans even have a word for peace in their language.

Every now and then they might take a little longer to reload or take some time off to bring in a harvest, but that is probably as close to peace as they get.