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Noah's Ark Found?




From the article:

"The biggest hurdle in identifying Noah's Ark comes down to "gopher wood." The Bible says the Ark was made of gopher wood but no one knows what it is."

Ah, come on. With a boat that big, Noah was always saying "Hey, you! Go for wood." "Hey, you! Yeah, you in the sandals, go for wood."


I think we have problems when people start trying to prove the existance of God by looking for a really big ancient boat. If they really want to do that...find the Arc of the Covenant.


It's interesting for sure. But I'm not nearly as interested in that story as I am other more prominent news.

Does it really matter?

If they proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was Noah's Ark do you think that would convert people?

I don't.

The doubters would simply look for a way to poke holes in the find. This has no more significance relative to converting people, than any of the other many archaeological finds which have all given "proof" that the Bible is accurate.

Change has to come from with in.
Not from an archeological find.


That isn't interesting at all.

To think that it's even debatable that this fairy tale may be correct is an insult to everyone's intellect.

Get used to it, there was no Ark and there is no tooth fairy.


See what I mean?


Thanks for proving my point.


Zeb? I havent seen you in a while! Have you been flying under the radar?


Even if they found the Ark people wouldn't believe in it, see what I mean?

Even if they didn't find WMD's people would still believe their are, see what I mean?


Hi pal how you been?



Been good, just pissing of some newb's and hardgainers :slight_smile:


Taken from the article:
"I can't imagine what it could be if it is not the Ark," said Arch Bonnema of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (B.A.S.E) Institute, a Christian archeology organization dedicated to looking for biblical artifacts.

Wow, genius! Could it just be a really big F'in boat?


How the hell did it get there.

This is fascinating stuff.

It is even more entertaining to see some of the posters here get bent out of shape.

It is quite possible there is a kernel of truth to the Noah's Ark story.


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Hey tme, good to see that some things never change.

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Yes, there is: Boats do float.


To the top of a mountain?


That's the made up part of the story.

What's funny about those stories is that they come around every year, once or twice. That ark has been found an average of twice every three years since the 1960's... and somehow, it's always not quite it. Damn gopher wood, if only it glowed in the dark.


Same ark all along. It is in a militarily restricted site and Turkey rarely lets anyone look there.

You are distorting the history. Why?


Actually, a little search on Google will show that it's not always the same site. You've got sites in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, etc.

I know it's supposed to be a large boat, but it certainly won't span multiple countries.

The "restricted military" site story sounds more like an urban legend than anything else. Maybe you should contact the guy from the article above and let him know, 'cause he's digging in Iran.


God's magic let's him move it every few years.