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Noahs Ark Found!?!?


This group of scientists and researches claim that they have found, what they believe, is Noahs Ark.

Pretty interesting stuff. The article says they video taped everything and are going to release a DVD or tv special I assume?

They found 7 different compartments and took measurements/samples. The research team was comprised of scientists from Hong Kong and Turkey.


Pretty interesting stuff. We'll see what ends up coming out of all of this. I DO NOT want to turn this into a religious debate and have this thread banished to the black hole that is PWI :slight_smile:

what an amazing discovery this would be if it turned out to be true huh?


It would be even more amazing that I first learned of such an epic find on a site called T-Nation.



Interesting stuff!


Sounds like a hoax:


I remember reading several years ago that they thought they found remnants of what they believed to be Noah's ark. Anyone else remember that or did I just make that up?


^^I do remember hearing something about something a few years ago. I think in the article I posted that they've made multiple trips up their.

(They had to cut several expeditions short because of weather I believe?)

It would be totally lame if it was a hoax but if its legit and then get some videos of the thing/inside it would be awesome!

I wonder how much they could charge to lead expeditions up there? They could make a ton of money from taking people up there. Imagine how many rich adventure people would be willing to pay big bucks to do a trek up there? I'm just saying

  1. Find Noahs Ark
  2. Buy climbing equipment
  3. ?????
  4. Profit!


If I'm remebering right the vessel they found had been pretty well preserved due to the climate but they were afraid to try and board it for fear of collapse, or something like that.


I think so. That website just has a BS feel to it, like something that would pop-up at random and remind me of a long forgotten Nigerian bank account I had.


This has actually happened many, many times. Anytime a group of pseudo-scientists goes looking for Noah's ark, they find it in some old wood in the steppes of central Asia. Predictably, they then try to gain fame from it, profit from it, or both.


^^^^ Makes sense. Imagine the fame and wealth you'd get from finding something like that? Shit would be nuts.


Noah's Ark is great in theory, but it couldn't exist as explained (a boat).

Something like a DNA bank is a lot more plausible.


I don't know what is more hilarious, that they think they can convince anyone they've found Noah's Ark, or that an adult without any obvious mental handicaps would believe in such a ludicrous story.


Old, old news.


I've read about many archeological digs which confirm many of those so called ludicrous stories.


Sources or it didn't happen.


Thanks for posting this gregon it really is fascinating. I especially enjoyed reading about other ancient cultures and their historians speaking about the existence of the Ark.




There are plenty of sources if you google. Here's one that I've seen as I said there are many others:


If you have trouble with the above link just google "prevail magazine archeology proves bible" and something will come up.


Please enlighten me. Which archeological dig confirmed that Noah took several animals from each species (including all the ones he couldn't have possibly known about) and then repopulated the entire human race, with all it's genetic diversity, in a few thousand years?


How can it not be a religous disc. If we are speaking of NOAHS ARK we are talking directly about a biblical story in which he saves our divrsity of life from being worn out. If we want to say it is Noahs ark that has been found, then we are saying we have proof that this Ark was used to store two of every animal and save them from an epic flood.
Otherwise it is just an old boat. Right?