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I've seen the studies, I've read everything about it here on T-Nation and I don't fully understand the science behind it but I kinda get it. Every real study says that it really doesn't work, but damnit I've serisouly never taken a better supplement. I bought 1 bottle of it a couple months ago and I was skeptical but the pump I get during workouts, the energy I have, and not only that I've set new PR's in all the core lifts. What do you guys think of this? Do you think it's working or do you think it's just the placebo effect?


mas placebo!

No really, placebo effect more than anything. Some of what you described might be from the supp but not enough to warrant you spend the $$$ to buy it. Save the money and buy more food.


Ok, how about this--I just like the way it makes me feel--I easy pumps, kinda pumped all day--anybody else feel this way? I can get the arginine pretty cheap as well, around 10 bucks a month.


Yeah, I get the same thing. . . from eating carbs and protein.


Id have to say it is actually working for you. I am currently taking it and have noticed great gains. I am coming off of a training layoff, and started working out 2.5 weeks ago and have already gained 15 lbs.


I agree, I have also noticed some nice gains while using no2 also some of my buddies have too.


I can't say that I've noticed any gains that I feel are directly related to it, however, I simply like the way it makes me look. The "pumps" tend, for me anyway, to make me look bigger and leaner. Also, on this, I notice that my body fat appears to be lower. It was a thread here some time back and it was stated by several that this was best described as a vanity supplement, with which I agree. However, the ones that are making gains, whether NO2 related or not, congratulations.


I tryed no2 and the ressults you get arent wort the money you spent. no2 is a fucking rip off, and all those guys that claim that you make big gains who knows who they are? they are probaly guys from GNC convincing people that have never used it berfore to buy that piece of shit supplement. So my advice is don't buy it!!


The stuff is crap.


Most studies I have seen indicate that there is no increase in mass gain from N02, however I have seen one or two that show there to be increased strenght levels (as compared to a control group) from N02 supplementation. As I recall the sample sizes in most of the studies and limitations of experimental controls make most of them all for naught in my view.


Different people respond to different supps differently. If it works for you, then go for it. At $10 a month, you sure aren't breaking the bank.


Take some before and after pics for the supp, then post them on here to see if WE can tell which one is before/after. The eyes can see things strange if they are influenced by the wallett.


I swore it worked for me when I used it for a few weeks, but mine had creatine in it too. Now I feel just as good as before. I have some, but I never take it.


Hmm, wonder why you noticed change then, lol.
So, how do you know it worked for you when it was mixed with another supplement?


I used that stuff without changing my diet or lifting routine, and saw NOTHING!! No gains boost, stamina boost. Nothing. Stop wasting your money and buy quality food.


I don't know anything firsthand about NO2, but if it works for you, use it. If you can afford it and it makes you workout or feel better, go for it. Placebo or not.


Not that this addresses the point raised, but the guy who 'invented' NO2 advises that it be taken with creatine in the book he wrote about N02 (and GNC so diligently hawked). I do not know if there is actually any empirical evidence to back up the guy's claim though, he could very well have just been laying the groundwork for selling more CE3 when it came out.