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Ok im 16 and been working out since august, My school has a weight lifting class and i use to have it 6th period, which was right after lunch, therefore i couldnt take NO2, and I didnt think i would benefit from creatine that much anyways because i barely drink much water due to the fact i always have to make weigh ins for wrestling.

Well wrestling is over for me now, and I have weigth lifting 5th period, which is before lunch.

My question is, is NO the way to go? What will it do really? give me more energy to do my workouts? Im a newb so, what does greater pumps mean?

Should I get NO-Xplode or some other brand?

I heard that N)-Xplode caused people to get major erections… whats up with that?

Is it harmful for me?

Dave Barr did a great two-parter on NO2.


All you need right now is food, and lots of it.

You’re lucky enough to have found T-Nation at the age of 16. If you read the articles and put the knowledge from them and the forums to work, you’ll have a great advantage.

Welcome, btw.

Take a look down the Supplements and Nutrition column - the general feeling is that NO2 and related products aren’t really helpful at all.