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What’s the deal? No2’s no good? Thanks for feedback.

No2’s no good. It’s been shown to have no effect on insulin, blood flow, or nutrient uptake. However, mailing large checks to me has been shown to promote considerable growth.

The cost to benefit ratio is way too high for this stuff. It might work marginally, and if so, the effect seems to only be termporary.

Compare that to the benefits reaped by hard work, recovery, proper nutrition, creatine, pro-steroids/hormones and it really doesn’t make sense to try it. I’m not trying to dump on the NO2 stuff, just saying that it’s not worth it relative to other things that we could do first.

I’ve used it, and noticed some results ie. better pumps, maybe more indurance, some weightloss due to lack of money in my pocket from buying No2.

There were a couple of mentions of this in t-mag. They said it did cause a pump but that pump didn’t do much of anything to cause muscle gains. I think it was Cy Willson who reported on it. Sounds worthless to me. Creatine and carbs give me a pump and they’re cheap.

No2’s are very good for you. I try to have one every day…sometimes two.

If you’re having trouble try incereasing your fiber intake, and eat your vegetables.

No1’s are good also. Increase your water intake for those.

No2’s are terrible for you! It’ll kill your diet!!!

I got one the other day, upsized with a Dr. Pepper, and I could literally feel my lower abs packing on the fat.

Additionally, No3-4 aren’t that great either, in fact I’d say just stay away from fast food all together…

: )

Laughing gas is cool.

And even if it did work, would you really want to admit that the bulk of your success came from eating No. 2?

At McDonald’s, I go for the No 4, no onions. And throw in a couple of double cheeseburgers.

My work is done here.

I haven’t used NO2 by itself, but I have used S.A.N.'s V-12 which has NO2 in it. I thought that was an awesome product and definitely brought out a lot of vascularity.

Hey, I got it, Chris.

Not only is it embarrassing to admit, but it gives you bad breath, too. Er, at least that’s what I’ve heard…