Has anyone tried it? Does it live up to its claims?

I’ve used it, but I wouldn’t say that it lives up to its claims.
Maybe you have to use more than the recommended dose to do the job…

I felt some extra pump, but I don’t think its worth the money.

Second hand info (I haven’t used myself): I’ve heard from about 5 who used, and all were generally unimpressed with the degree of noticeable benefit vs. cost.


OK i believe this to be a worthless supplement. It is a supplement to stroke your ego. Spend your money on something else worthwhile and spend your time stroking something worthwhile aswell ^^
Seriously all it does is inflate the muscles for a while and make them bigger. It might be good if you were on it 24 hours a day even though the muscle size would be fake. Why don;t you just inject some synthol?? Seriously don;t waste your hard earned money.
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Yes I have and Yes it does.

I bit.

I bought a bottle of Pinnacle’s new version. Only 38$.

I’ll try it in a few weeks and let you guys know.

From what I’ve heard it gives you a good pump but that’s about it. Even though a good pump doesn’t do much besides inflating your ego, perhaps this might have value when used in conjunction with LPS (Loaded Passive Stretching).

Perhaps Joel Marion can give his opinion on this. That is, will a supplement that gives you a good pump combined with LPS, yield additional benefit/results?

Putting all the marketing hype aside, this product is essentially a very expensive form of l-arginine. This is why arginine is a primary ingredient in a lot of the “men’s performance” products as it enhances the blood flow and whatnot. It can also enhance glycogen storage which also contributes to “the pump.” I do not believe that this product, especially for the money, is that much better than a good dose (3,000 mg. or so) of regular arginine.

Also, if you look at the fine print on some of the different sports nutrition products,you will see their patented blend in their label, and guess what the primary component of this blend is? Yup, plain ol’ arginine.

I’m not here to bash the NO2 products; however, for the cost there’s no way this stuff is that much better than the regular arginine.