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Why have I not heard a peep about this stuff from anybody on any bodybuilding board? It is being brought out by the same guy who brought out creatine to the sport supplement industry, and is supposed to be as good or better than creatine. It causes hemodilation in the muscle cells, causing a permanent pump that lasts all day every day. This is supposed to increase recovery because blood is being circulated constantly to the muscles, and increase muscle strength and gains, etc etc. I have to admit, this stuff sounds really cool, that is if it isn’t bullshit hype. Would love some people’s opinions on it, it is supposed to be released in 5 days. Cheers.

If blood is being pumped into your muscles all day you wont be able to digest your food.

NO2? Sounds like nitrous oxide to me. The same stuff that dentists use as an anasthetic (sp?) and kids suck out of whip cream cans to get high. If thats what this is I can’t see how it could be sold legally as you have to have a special license to purchase it. I suspect it would work like a popper by dilating vessels.

I’m really not familiar with the product but if it increases NO2, it must just be mainly the amino Arginine. Arginine has been recommended to impotents as a natural “viagra” as arginine increases NO2 at the cellular level which among other things, acts as a vasodilator which of course allows more blood flow and supposedly helps impotents with their problem in a similiar fashion to viagra. So I’m guessing it’s some form of the amino arginine.

Where you a week ago when I brought up this topic?

It’s arginine alphaketoglutarate.

Like my buddy marvin said its arginine alphaketoglutarate. Now i saw this creatine product in a flyer and it sounds way too good to be true. It actually sounds just like MHP’s Trac creatine. Which in that case wouldn’t be anything revolutionary. It also said it was created by one of the first co-founders of EAS. This guy says he founded creatine. I HIGHLY DOUBT IT. We will just have to wait and see. My store will get it in very soon. I will have to try it myself and post my results.

I think its the same guy who proposed creatine as a potential product to Twinlab…who turned him down…so he went to EAS and they aggreed to produce the revolutionary Phosphagen.