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NO2 vs NOx2

Has anyone tried both products? How do they compare? I have never used Pinnacle, are they a good brand? I know Biotest has partnered with them on Myostat. I know most think these products suck, but I am cutting right now and miss the full pump all the time feeling from a high calorie diet and am willing to pay the $40 a bottle for mental stability. If I can feel full and pumped all the time it will help me on my binge feelings to get that full pumped feel.

NO2 by MRI has a petent pending on the formula. NOx2 is a bad knock off. You won’t get the pumps off of NO2 if you’re on low carbs, if that’s the way you’re dieting.

Yes it is pretty much felt by all that these type of products are worthless. However if you need that pump you could try large doses of L-Arginine. I think Kilosports sells 1000 500mg caps for $60. This is would be a lot more cost effective.

Are you keeping your sodium intake high?

I am keeping my carbs around 200g/day. My sodium levels are being kept high as I am a heavy salter. And as a cheap, easy protein source at work I have been eating a lot of Oscar Meyer ham which is pretty high in sodium. I have only been going for 2 1/2 weeks now with a show in May, but I seem to get flat and just feel scrawny unless I do a large carb load. As far as my other calories I am around 2500 daily give or take depending upon how much I can force down. I am targeting 350g/day of protein, but have been more consistently around 300. Workout wise is an intense hour followed by 20 minutes on the treadmill. I have been hesitant to add morning cardio in fear I will feel more flat. It is mostly a mental thing, and once I eat the large carb meal I can feel myself “blowing up” so to speak and may just have to force myself through it and know I will blow up at the end during my carb load pre-contest. I just thought the NO2 would help mentally until then. I get good pumps during my workout, but they just don’t stay around for 16-20 hours like they do normally for me.

Funny, but the only only people I know that push these products on me and others I see in the gym are the guys in the pro shops. They love this stuff because it pays their rent.

I’d really love to see some first hand accounts of people who’ve actually tried NO2 !! I’d really like to know if it really sucks.

Jason, I agree with the person who said to just try arginine if you’re dead set on NO2. I have seen Poliquin recommend 3 g. to enhance glycogen storage. Don’t waste your hard earned money on the NO2.

BTW…where is your show in May? I’m in GI and would like to come up and watch…Council Bluffs maybe?

The show is in Des Moines. I am looking forward to it. I will try and post pics afterwards like I did last time.

I have to say that I am sick of seeing people who have not tried this product or dont know what they are talking about. DEREK no not all of us think this product is worthless. And NOX2 is not a cheap knock off! What the hell are you talking about? This one actually has another ingredient to help the performance of the Arginine AKG. I have tried Arginine plenty of times and never got anything out of it like NO2. Do you not agree that there are different forms of yohimbe, ephedra, creatine, protein, caffeine, etc…etc… some that work A LOT better then the others. It is the same here. And if you think it is expensive buy it online, GOOD GRIEF!! And $60 dollars for regular Arginine, I dont pay that for NO2.

If you are paying $60 for straight arginine, you’re shopping at the wrong places.

DaStudent, I’m kind of with you on the frustration part of people knocking something they’ve not tried themselves, or just heard rumors. The man who came up with the whole creatine discovery for muscle building is the same man who has come up with NO2. The reason I believe NOx2 is a bad knock-off is because it doesn’t have anything in there that sustains the life of nitric oxide in the system. NO2 has in it what they’ve invented called “Physer3” that is suppose to help the nitric oxide boost in your system for up to 16 hours. (if it works or not, i don’t know) NOx2 does not have anything that I’m aware of that keeps nitric oxide sustained in the system. I’m not one to immediately jump on the bandwagon of saying “N02 is bullshit and doesn’t work” until i’ve proven to myself it doesn’t work. I’ve read the info. on their website, their 119 page book, which i might add, had over 20 medical references, and now i’m reserching on my own about nirtic oxide, L-arginine, etc. i have 11 weeks left of the Methoxy challenge before i can try anything else, so i have plenty of time to research it. Money for the stuff is not an issue for me, so i plan on doing an 8 week trial of the stuff, (if i can prove to myself it’s worth the investment of time) and diet per their recommendations, to see if it really works for me, and i’ll be glad to let everyone else know who gives a damn if it works or not. I believe the man who brought us creatine has some credibility in my book when it comes to supplements. MAG-10, MD6, Methoxy, and T2/T2pro i think are the best damn supplements to ever hit the market in my opinion, but it doesn’t mean that everyone else is total shit.(a little side note: The last “supplement” I’ve researched was Bromocriptine. It sounded great too at the time, until I heard from my freinds that it made them sick and didn’t work for them, therefore, i dumped that idea. So, I’m not one to go hog wild on a new supplement, but I"m not going to totally dismiss a new supplement until i know for sure. Some of us need to learn to “think outside the box” !!)


  1. Obviously you don’t pay $60 for NO2, because you are not buying it in bulk. That example I gave was for buying bulk capsulated arginine.

  2. I never said I thought it sucked, I said pretty much everyone said it sucked.

  3. It worked for you did it? What did it do? Did it live up to the ridiculous claims made by the maker?

  4. For ~$50/bottle, I doubt whatever results you got wouldn’t justify buying it over a $50 bottle of Mag-10.

  5. You and Podge certainly have a strange way of thinking: “I’m going to trust that this supplement works until someone proves that it doesn’t.” I’m glad I’m not that trusting. The supplement industry sure is grateful for consumers that have that mentality.

“N02 is bullshit and doesn’t work” until i’ve proven to myself it doesn’t work…"

Re-read it again Derek. I don’t trust anyone, but i don’t automatically discredit anything either. I don’t know how you read into what i’ve posted as me being trustworthy of supplement companies.

i don’t want to get in a pissing contest on this forum, but all due respect, i don’t think you understood my post.

You just re-enforced what I just said. You’re assuming that a supplement will work until you try it for yourself to see if it doesn’t. Sounds like blind faith to me.

Just seems like a waste of money to me, that’s all.

well, Derek, maybe it is a big waste of money. I don’t know that for sure yet. I have 11 weeks of time to research it. If it still seems good, then i’m going to try it. if not, no loss of money or time. It’ll cost about $160 for 8 weeks worth. (web site has it for $45/bottle of 180) L-arginie is dirt cheap like you said, and i might end up trying that first. (100/500mg for $7) The last time I tried a supplement was by an extremely reputable company i spent almost twice as much in blind faith, and it didn’t do shit for me.