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NO2 Hemodilator

Hello everyone i was wondering if anyone here had tried the supplement called NO2 hemodulator with physers. The idea behind it being that it would have effects all throughout the day instead of a short burst. Yes i did read the article on t-mag about it but ive also heard positive reviews on it as well as negative reviews so i am just looking for some personal stories if possible thanks.

Twisted that article pretty much says it all. it offers ZERO benefits and could possibly cause problems. You’re cardio and rigerous workouts get NO up to pretty much optimum levels. An NO enhancer is not needed and a waste of money.

i’ve been taken it aprox. 3 weeks. Do get a better pump that last longer but thats about it. Save you money for something else.

yes! in fact i take a no2 at least three times per day.

i find that regualr fiber supplementation greatly improves my no2’s.