No2 Hemodilator (t-mag's opinion)

This is question is for Chris shugart or Bill Roberts. What’s your opinion on the new hemodilators (particular product called No2, Ed Byrds “new” creation). I know that it’s aphla Arginine (whatever that is) but what is the feedback on this stuff plus it’s expensive (about 70 for one month supply)

There’s been little discussion on it lately but there was quite a bit when it first came out. I’d try searching for it by typing:

arginine AKG

in the “subject” box, then clicking on
“subject.” If you see a question on it
that looks interesting even if it doesn’t
have your answer, you can click on it and
see the whole thread, with all the answers.

(If you get a white screen error message,
try the “back” button, then “refresh” the
screen, then click on “search” again. Sometimes this is unnecessary due to some
odd, intermittent problem.)