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NO2 Growth-Enhancing Hemodilator

Has anybody tried this yet? know it isn’t a T-Nation product but, I was flipping through a muscle mag and there was an advert for the product. It sounds good (too good). What do you guys think about this product.

Is there anyone that is taking it or has taken it? Let me know something about this product.

Let me sum up the responses you’ll get from this thread:

  • its crap
  • it sucks
  • its junk
  • its garbage
  • don’t use it
  • don’t waste your money

Thats what everyone says when someone brings up NO2 producs…

If you want an extra pump that’ll increase your gains (better for protien sythensis than even a post workout shake) invest in a pre-workout hydrosylate-glucose/dextrose mixture (like Surge).

Insulin = enhanced blood flow, nutrient delivery, and storage (it’s the body’s most anabolic hormone). Amino acids plus glycemic carbs completely annihilate any NO supplement when it comes to achieving what the NO supplements hype.

I tried some of them early on (as did clients) and they did make me look more vascular during my workout, but other than that myself and others got absolutely nothing out of them. I get an even bigger pump when I just take a preworkout shake. They are indeed crap.

Here’s Barrbie for some science on a real Growth-Enhancing nutrient delivery supplement.

" One landmark study showed that even a full hour after training, blood flow remained elevated by 30% compared to rest, when an amino acid and carbohydrate formula was consumed right after the workout (28)! What?s even better is that consuming the drink before exercise increased blood flow by over 300% during training, while a 200% increase was observed without drink consumption.

In other words, you get an additional 100% increase from resting blood flow when the carbs and protein are taken before your workout! The pre-workout drink also maintained an elevated blood flow by 66% over normal resting values an hour after the workout.

While these data are certainly impressive, they don?t mean anything unless they can also demonstrate that this increase in blood flow actually helped stimulate amino acid uptake by the muscle (i.e. protein synthesis). In fact, compared to rest, the pre-workout drink maintained amino acid uptake by ~230% a full 60 minutes after training, and the post-workout drink by 165%.

Now that?s scientifically supported blood flow and amino acid uptake ? something the so-called hemodilator products don?t have.

Look up Dave Barr’s articles and his website. His stuff is rock solid.

Good info, thanks.