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NO2 From A Responder's P.O.V.

Nitric Oxide is very well marketed. I am a current user of NO Xplode. Actually I am on my third bottle of it. Some people say they dont respond to it or it does nothing for them. I do respond well to it. Sure I get the veins when I lift and I feel a rush. With experimenting with NO2 and being patient and actually serious using NO xplode I have come to one conclusion. It is a show tool, plain and simple.

I know there is plenty of articles that bash Nitric Oxide on here and have read them over. However I wanted to post this because I was patient and serious going through plenty of trial and error. After I am done with the current bottle of NO Xplode I will no longer use Nitric Oxide supplements.

I lift 6 times a week and I lift hard. Sure I was a sucker for all those fancy NO ads in Muscle and Fitness (especially the BSN). After all of this and about $120 out of my pocket all i got was a rush, no actual muscle built onto my frame. However I did get muscle from dedication and protein. I am now using creatine but its too early to say anything about that. Eat right and consuming protein right after my last rep works for me.

If you want to look good for the beach and be pumped all day long with the sensation of real muscle being there be my guest. NO is totally artificial in the way it makes you feel and appear.