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NO2 Drinks


Those NO2 drinks have been popular for a few years now. I just got back to weightlifting seriously again after a few years off. I got into jogging and became the kind of guy I always hated when I was weightlifting...you know...one of those fitness guys that my bodybuilder buddies used to call "squids". I just got bored with weightlifting.

I used to be 225 at 5'10 inches with a 400 pound squat. Not bad for a guy that genetically is more suited to playing tennis. But after laying off the weights and jogging I got down to 165 and puny. Just looking at a 45 pound plate scared me.

Due to my hormone/CFS issues, or whatever is going on with me, I found out that I would have more energy if I lifted weights, and laid off the aerobics. So I went to Wal-Mart and found one of those NO2 pre-workout drinks. I bought it just for the caffeine and glycine which I thought would give me a little more energy when I worked out.

The result? I felt pretty darn good! I couldn't believe it. It wasn't just a caffeine like energy. It was a more natural energy feeling. I don't know squat about NO2 or if it's increasing it....probably not...but I feel better after taking it. I used to be heavy into energy drinks, and none of them made me feel this good.

I read something somewhere about NO2 acting as a neurotransmitter for hormonal processes. Maybe that's what's happening. Who knows?

The odd thing is that it has creatine, and creatine makes me depressed. I never used to have that reaction, but as of two years ago whenever I took creatine I would get a heavy depression. I read somewhere that it could be due to the creatine causing dehydration. So I drink lots of water with the NO2 drink, and it seems to circumvent the depression.


Placebo effect


It's the caffeine and B vitamins.


if you like it, take it.



Hopefully it isnt too expensive. I tried the whole NO thing when it first came out and liked it at first, had tons of energy and felt like a beast in the gym (albeit i was small and weak back then lol or should i say smaller and weaker than I am now)

but after a little while I stopped getting the energy feeling. I think my body got used to the stimulus and stopped responding to it. Just something to keep an eye on.


I've repeated this in previous NO2 threads.

NO2 guarantees me a bowel movement between the time I take down the drink and when I get to the gym. It will make you shit


im an NO2 drink addict. they make me feel nice and let me workout extra long. no it doesnt build muscle. no it doesnt increase hormones. no it doesnt increase my lifts 100000lbs. but it makes me hyped up which leads to me lifting more weight, longer. and then i eat, and grow.


superdump. lawl.

look for the ones that dont have any magnesium, because thats what makes you paint the porcelain.


Creatine doesn't make you depressed. Your body already has creatine in it. Supplementing with creatine simply increases the stores of creatine in the body.

It must have been something else at the time you were taking it making you depressed.