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NO2 Does It Really Work?

i’ve been reading about NO2 and it seems that it does work but there is some side effects, but the guys from NO2 claim that there are no side effects and I think what they say is a bunch of bull shit. so i would like to know if ny of you guys have tried it and how was it?

A recent thread on this: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=841455

The consensus is that a) it’s useless and b) you’ll get the same (and cheaper) benefits by doing some warmup work.

It’s very good for throwing your money away. Works pretty well. It can have some minimal benefits. Doesn’t do anything that arginine doesn’t, and arginine is cheap.

I’ve also heard that if you use a lot of caffeine, it really makes the NO2 useless. The caffeine causes your vessels to shrink which is the exact reverse of what the NO2 is designed to do. They basically cancel each other out, and caffeine usually has a bigger effect than NO2.