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NO2/Creatine Products


I was just wondering if anybody has any experience with Storm/Shock Therapy from Ultimate Nutrition? I was hoping to find something affordable because I have no money.

Also, completely unrelated are there any complications with drinking while on Spike?


1.never tried it.

2.Ive had good result on just creatine monohydrate(so far, 7months 10-15 grams a day/no loading/no cycling).As for NO2, never tried it. Ive heard good result/no result from different people on it. And the same goes for creatine/NO2 stack products.

3.Dont know,TC Luoma would be the one to ask about this, PM him.Also here's a link on Spike:


NO2 is bullshit! It a waste of money. If you do a search on it you wil find its the latest bullshit hype supplement that doesnt do what is says it does.

Creatine is excellant on the otherhand.




I know a lot of posters on here don't care for NO products. I never did either. However, I picked up a container of Storm a few months back, and it had a sample of Shock in it. I decided to give it a try, really liked the energy levels it gave me, and bought a tub. I'm sold on it, and have been using Shock Therapy pre-workout, and Storm post workout for maybe two months now. I really like both of them.

As far as Storm goes, it's the first creatine product I have tried that I have honestly noticed anything from. Used mono, Prolabs', for quite some time, and never got anything out of it. Guessing I'm somewhat of a non-responder, but I seem to respond very well to Storm.


I have to agree with you. I thought all NO2 products were crap and didn't work, but I tried SizeOn and Shock Therapy because I never heard ONE bad thing about them and only heard good things about them. I take Shock Therapy about an hour or so before a workout. Any earlier, and I feel a bit "out of it". Whether I'm out of it or not, the pumps speak for themselves.


I have been reading all the negative feedback about certain NO products, and I dont doubt that for some people they may not work, but I can tell you from using Superpump250, and NO-Explode, there is something to these products that works well for me personnally. Im trying to find something negative about them that will convince me not to use them, but so far for me, the positive outweighs the negatives.


Seems like some people call it SuperDump250 for some reason. LOL. I guess for some it makes them sit on the toilet for a while. Who knows.


Yep, I dont know why it works for some and not others, but Im real happy with it. I can actually get a good workout in without using the product, but when I workout real heavy for 3 or 4 days in a row, then it helps with recovery, and overall workout volume.


I think some people may be confusing NO (nitric oxide) stimulators with NO2 (a brand name product). NO is not a myth. High enough levels of arginine (even without the alpha-ketogluterate) can increase NO and give you a great pump.

Also, the fact that many of these products are high simple sugar is going to spike insuline levels and increase the absorption of the creatine in them.

For those out there who are not mixing their creatine with a simple sugar, like dextrose are missing out on absorption as it is. It's cheap, affordable and you may get similar results.

The added stimulants in some of the products out there may also give the impression that you're taking a superior product when you may not be.

Don't get me wrong, I think a lot of these products are worth a try....I just wouldn't spend too much on them.

Just my 2 cents!


Ya know, I think you are right!

I remember trying a product in pill form called NO2. It didn't do jack squat for me. Then, a year or two later, I try Shock Therapy and I get something out of it.