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NO2... anyone hear about it?

I am really curious about this new NO2 product put out by MRI… Has anyone here seen it or tried it? It is supposed to realease NO2(nitrous oxide) in your system and give you and “all day perpetual pump” by increasing the constant blood-flow to your muscles all day and not just after your workout. It is supposed to help you build quicker, increase protien synthesis, and recover quicker. It really does sound great, but I want to ask you all what you think before I spend my money. Thanks all!!!

I’m pretty sure most people rated this one up there with pyruvate (meaning not good). Try doing a search in the forum for it.

I can only speak for myself here. I have gotten some really cool results using this product! The pump is definitely there, and it stays all day long! Now, wether or not this was worth the amount of money I spent for it, I don’t know. But it definitely has been working as promised.

I heard it wasn’t really all it was cracked up to be either. Damn, sounded promising though.

Everyone I spoke to who has used it (4 people) rave about the pumps.

I have tried this stuff and it is great. I feal great all day. Very strong. I recommend it to anyone!

Did anyone see anything strength increases or muscle gains? I think paying that kind of money just so you can get a good pump is kind of retarded, like buying a Porsche with a Pinto’s engine in it.

Really guys? Hmmm, maybe the guy I was talking to was so pumped full of goodies he din’t notice the results. Give us some details on your results. How long before you noticed it working?

If it is giving such a great pump, doesn’t that mean that it is really good for circulation, and get nutrients into muscles. and, if that is the case, would it just be a great “added supplement” to insure the delivery of all things needed for growth? (i.e. creatine, glutamine, MAG-10, protiens…) Just curious?

I finished using NO2 recently. I wasn’t impressed with the results. Did not notice any perpetual pump. I weight train 4 days a week, but must admit with boxing and running I am doing a considerable amount of cardio. That could have gave me less than normal results. Just thought I’d share my experience.

My training partner tried it but he used it along with Creatine and Glutamine - the first week he was going on and on about it and by the second week he really didn’t feel it was doing to much. After a month he said it sucked ass and was a waste of money.

If your going to spend that much on something that is sapposed to give you an “all day perpetual pump” why not just buy a good cycle of crank, it will work a hell of a lot better!