NO2 and Stretch Mark Mass!?

In the article from a few weeks ago entitled “Stretch Mark Mass! - Anabolic Stretching for Anabolic Gains,” by Don Alessi, tip #6 says:

"Extreme loaded stretching should coincide with your bulking phases.

Explanation: Remember, the only time this is really going to force muscle hypertrophy is when the muscle cells are fully engorged with water and the muscle is extremely pumped. In other words, save this stuff for the mass phases."

I have read numerous posts in the forum reading that nitric oxide, although it will give you a considerable pump, will do nothing for muscle growth. I have used nitric oxide in the past and I have experienced that “perpetual pump.” I was wondering if the bottle of nitric oxide that I have collecting dust on my shelf at home is worth popping open again to assist in gaining “stretch mark mass!” Any thoughts would be appreciated.

How have you been using nitric oxide? Administration is usually gas inhalation, but must be carefully monitored due to its toxicity.:slight_smile:

Hee, hee, hee.

The whole concept of NO2 in physiology textbooks is as a blood pressure regular by converting to Super Nitrous oxide and playing a role in vasodilation and constriction. Why the fuck would anyone want to fuck around with the stuff? More pump = vasoconstriction = decreased blood pressure (which is not always a good thing)