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I'm not big on using a million supplements,but I've been looking around lately.I got some NO explode and tried it.Took 3 scoops 30-45 before my last scoop.Then another scoop 30 minutes later.Took it on an empty stomach.I actually lifted five pounds heavier and did 2 extra reps. I mixed it with some plain creatine.It's great! Anyone ever tried this stuff?Dumb question.I know some of you have.What I mean is what are your thoughts on this supplement?


funny how they call it 'no explode.'


It's just a vasodilator. Warm up instead, it's cheaper.



I think it also has some caffeine in it. Why do people pay $60 bucks for this shit, seriously. A bottle of caffeine pills is $3, and I gurentee it will get you 2 extra reps.


A hot chick gives me two extra reps, a hard on and a increase in testosterone....