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No-Xplode and Whey Protein! Newbie : /


Hello all, i am just looking for some advice on some supplements i am thinking about getting. Alright here is some general information that you might need to know.

Before i started working out.

Age = 16
Weight = 165

1 Rep Max

Bench = 115 maybe less
Squat = Below 185
Deadlift = Below 200

Age = 16
Weight = 137

1 Rep Max

Bench = 185
Deadlift = 250-275
Squat = 215

3sets of 6

Bench= 145
Squat = 180
DeadLift = 230

I have been working out for about 2 and a half months now.. i have lost about 30 pounds and i am now starting to put it back on, but with muscle and i want to know if stacking Whey Protein if No-Xplode would be a good idea? I have some very intense workouts, about 2-2 1/2 hours long with 3 people working out

Monday = Chest/Back/Abs
Tuesday = Off
Wednesday = Arms/Shoulders/Abs
Thursday = Off
Friday = Legs/Abs
Saturday = Off
Sunday = Off

I also feel that i should be working out more, but i am not to sure if that would be a good thing or a bad thing.


I'm pretty sure No-explode is total bullshit. Whey protein is not bullshit.


homework for the weekend.

Read 10 articles about nutrition/supps on this site.

and read 5 articles about training (preferably from Christian Thibedeau sp )


Alright thanks for the Information, I appreciate it


Dont use the word stack lol, protein is far too important by itself to be put with that lol. Actually, Ill go against the grain because I used to use N.O. and it helped me. But on my second tub just the smell of it made me gag and then vomit drinking it, so obviously i wouldnt touch it now.


Ya, i feel that i should at least try it, because from what i have read through out many post on these forums and others, is that the same supplement could completely help somebody and for somebody else it could be worthless and give them the shits.

Like i said i a very big newbie. 2 Months of Kre-akalyn and lifting, seemed like amazing results but i believe that my genes help a bit too, but i am not 100% sure.


I don't recommend NO-Explode. I've used it. It gave me some energy, but the only explosion it gave me was of the anal kind... Some guys I work with swear by the stuff though.

Whey Protein is a good thing though!


You'd be better off using that money on good quality food.


Alright what about Surge instead of No-Xplode because i am starting to doubt no-xplode, also aggro ya i am lucky and my parents buy me some great foods, but i am still doing research on what exactly to get.


just stick with the whey protein and i doubt the genetics really helped much...2 months of training ever? you'll keep making really great progress till the 8 month mark then you gotta just up your protein and actually pay attention to what your doing..and asking questions is a great start haha

and i wouldnt waste money on no xplode

just keep your kre-alkalyn its cheaper an it should help you still since your such a low body weight

but make sure you stay off of it,if you were on it 2 months...id say take a 4-6 week break from the stuff


Thanks for the information, Appreciate it


so you lost 30lbs and all your core lifts went up by 50?

i hate you.